I am writing this post as a curious passenger of life, as a professional that has studied the realms of philosophy, mind, consciousness, as a professional that has studied the realms of healthcare and the philosophies and sciences within, as a friend that likes to share insightful knowledge and a keen historian than likes to remote view our mythological past and connect it somehow to our present and future, as a mystic that holds a deep intuitive connection to this realm and its hidden secrets and revealing’s, and as revolutionary with a fire in my belly and a vision of our future to come but more than anything I am writing this to my children and to your children so that if we do not shape up in time to make a difference in this life, hopefully the insight shared here can be put to use by them, because during this time we are in, I am not standing on the side lines burying my head in the sand, I am fighting for a place for my children’s future that will prove to them how much I loved them and believed in a world where they could be free

This post is going to be detailed and as it is multi-layered, it is also going to contain a lot of back and forth so you will need to try go with the flow. I will try to structure this in a format that is easy to follow so I guess I will just start off by indexing the contexts 1 by 1 and in order of discussion but again, they will all link in so you will have some circling back to do to fully conceptualise what the BIG PICTURE is with this entire post. This post is a big one. Probably my most detailed post to date and will be one to consider moving forward and to come back to as a goal post at some point in the future should you need to reflect over what is taking place and occurring in the world.

OK, so let’s detail and discuss

  1. A glance at Empires, Monarchies and Elite dominions
  2. The rise and fall of empires based on historical and cyclical data
  3. A briefing on the Solar cycles and the roles they play in our ages
  4. A look in to the Vedic cycles and how they correlate to the western cycles
  5. A look at Astrological cycles and our point in current and modern history
  6. A touch on the book of revelation and the astronomical mapping of events detailed
  7. How all the above tie together and where we are now in terms of Solar cycles and astrological events
  8. Current events unfolding in the collective and how this impacts our movements going forwards – A look at Solar minima details and what this looks like a decade from now
  9. Why we need to take control of our lives, health, wealth, community and economy in a localised manner rather than centralised
  10. Effects on our health according to Solar activity – Symptoms of Solar minima changes – What we need to do and not do to make sure we can adapt to the forthcoming changes
  11. Technology and the future of healthcare
  12. Cyclical living and how we can implement changes to work with the changes – The importance of getting back to nature and enhance connections with the elements to stand strong during these times
  13. A detailed scientific breakdown of various hormones, antioxidants and minerals the body need to function and how we can activate them through lifestyle amendments and cyclical diet mapping
  14. How all of this is designed to bring us closer to our God source connection – THE GREAT AWAKENING – And how connecting to nature and the Solar shifts changes our minds, bodies and spirit – Consciousness rising
  15. The conclusion of all of the above
  16. A fun consideration – A glance back over the last 2 episodes of the final season of Game of Thrones and how it connects to where we are now in our historical place on the dial of ages
  17.  A big thanks from me to you and may you share this insight and add or expand to it as you see fit. I send this with love and the deepest heartfelt vibration to you all and hope it is well received. A keeper of our realm

I don’t intend on this being a History lesson at all so I don’t want to bore you on the offset but, I just wanted to briefly mention the main Empires over our Historical timelines so that you have a fair idea of where I am going with the next crucial piece of information and you can see how it fits in to our timeline right now. So, let’s start with the obvious ones. The Babylonian Empire, the Phoenicians, the Persian Empire, Alexander the Great, The Moors, The Mongols, The Roman Empire, The Aztecs, The Ottomans, The Dutch, Napoleon, The British Empire, The rise of Europe, The WW’s, The Cold wars, The Russians, The USA, The Gulf wars ETC ETC ETC. You see how the Empires power play their way through our History books. How much of what we’re taught is true who knows but that is the timeline perhaps not in order of the movements from East to West and how the West have for the last few hundred years been the strong hold empire responsible for all that has been influenced that has shaped our lives to this day. The British Empire mainly the figure heads for the last 100 years of global dominance and Management whether behind the scenes or otherwise.

When we look back at how these huge Empires experienced their rise and fall, there is a lot written in Mythology that has captivated the sacred essences of these moments in time and kept them stored historically in our stars and skies and detailed them through poetry, literature, art and gnostic wisdom for us to hold on to and pass down ancestor to ancestor so that we can witness our human lineage through the veils of time in a way that brings beauty and meaning to moments beyond battle scenes and the ideologies of leaders and rulers. Our connection to our people and the magic of the realms that inspire us to this day to hold tight and remain in high spirits to our sacred connection to the very reasons we are here. You could say, there is nothing new under the sun, and that would be true because as we see, with the rise and falls, they are all cyclical and depending on the movements of the sun, we can predict and measure where we have come from and where we are heading to next. The Roman Empire for example was at its strongest when the Sun was experiencing its Solar Maxima. The Empire flourished, the crops were plentiful, the energy was high. When the Solar cycles changed and the grand Minima commenced, the Great Empire fell and the power structure was no longer. As with everything we see in the natural world, there are seasons that rise and fall in accordance to the sun cycles and out of our control they are. In effect, they control us and whether you believe in God or not, it is naïve to think that the Universe that hosts us and all that moves above and below us are not the greater powers that influence our very existence. You can think of God as one person or many persons or you can think of God as the grand universe or you cannot even put God in the equation at all but at the end of the day and the beginning of the next, the Sun always rises and will always fall. On Earth, that is the way the cookie crumbles. You can argue a lot of in-betweens. Is the Earth flat, spherical, simulation, illusion, whatever, but, while we are here and from the beginning of time to right now, our Solar cycles have controlled every rise and fall and that is well documented throughout History.

It might also be an interesting consideration to look at the Yuga cycles. The Vedic texts consider that there are 4 yugas. The 4 seasons that are the seasons of the universe. Unlike the Western concept of linear time, Vedic time is cyclical. Like the four seasons of the year, the four ages of a chaturyuga, or Yuga cycle, rotate without end. They are also measured in Solar years, with the maximas and minimas playing a role in the commencement and duration of each yuga cycle and age. We are, according to the Vedic text and cycle cosmological calendar currently in the Kali yuga and depending on when you time the changes according to the Solar cycles, we will be moving from the Kali yuga in to the Satya Yuga. Otherwise known as the Golden Age. Again, as the Vedics do not measure time in a linear sense, you can view this time cycle as being like a sine wave. Considering that “as above, so below” holds true universally, it makes sense that time is represented as a sine wave and therefore it never ends, it only ascends and descends as does the sun and repeats cycles over and over infinitely. This is true also to the consideration of our Western cosmology as anything pre-bible and as far back as can be dated was merely a repetition of a sine wave, As above so below. If you would like to find out more details about the yugas and our cycles throughout history in correlation to where we have come from, where we are and where we are heading to next, here is a great video that holds a great deal of info that is not only super useful but also pretty incredible to watch and learn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jH44AfehEdY&list=PLgl7hOKjiiF6bvQ1OQEojLfTBVtMYTKge&index=139

It might also be interesting to add that what I am about to discuss next is considered Western Astrology and where we are at according to those cosmological principles, correlate to the Eastern principles also. Good to know

Again, this is not a History lesson or a lesson in Cosmology but a brief unfolding of the pieces of a puzzle that help you to see where we are from a multi-dimensional multi-perspective angle. As people move away from the Media as their only news source and point of reference on ‘what is life’ and oh my word rightly so, we need to find new ways of finding truths and answers. We need to open our minds more and gain new ideas and perspectives because, as we are seeing, what we are being told and sold is not really serving us well. What can Astrology tell us about where we are? And when I ask that, I am not suggesting love horoscopes or vague weekly predictions in a cheap magazine, I am talking about the actual planetary movements, transits and alignments much like the yugas but looking at our main planetary bodies and how they map out our past present and future. Without going too far backwards and more focus on the forwards, I will just point out that we have, since the beginning of Christ, been in a astrological period of Pisces. Carl Jung, Psychologist and philosopher made reference to the end of the era of Ram in Aires when Christ was born and the beginning of the era of fish in Pisces as the era where Christ reigned (The Roman Empire and the reign of Christianity) ie, Emperors and popes and the 12 disciples represented the 12 constellations, the 12 months of the year, the 12 that created their 12 that created the 144,000 written in the book of revelation and highlighted the end times. The end times being the times we are in right now where we move in to the new age. And what follows the age of Pisces but the age of Aquarius. The age of air with the representation of the water bearer. It is an entirely new dynamic, one that is revolutionary, technological and radical. Aquarius is the sign of the dissemination of information – that is not physical water. The Aquarian Man is pouring out of his urn – it is waves of energy. Aquarius is an air sign,was ruled by the ‘reality making’ planet SATURN and now in modern times ruled by the doorway to URANUS the liberator. What the Aquarian Man is pouring his energy into are progressive ideas; he is seeding the minds of the future. The planet of transformation and this will begin a whole new chapter. On December 21st 2020, the date of the winter solstice, this was a huge date on the astrological calendar and had been long spoken about by many in the spiritual and cosmological community. It was the moment where Saturn and Jupiter met at exactly 0 degrees in the sign of Aquarius. Many say this marks the start of the new age however there are some that still suggest we have a way to go yet and that the new age won’t commence until 2025-2030 and there are some that say it has already started and did so upon the mark of the new millennium and at the time when the internet was born. Now, if you consider as the Vedics do that time is not linear, you will see that measuring cycles of ages that are so grand in a linear sense and expect a fixed date out of it is not realistic. It had also been mentioned by many scholars, and this is something to pay close consideration to, that when the end times come, the Anti-Christ will rise. The Empire that has been long embedded in our society, in our minds, principles and consciousness has been one of a structure representing a one god one son theory. The representation of Aquarius on a spiritual level is the complete opposite of the representation of Pisces. Pisces marking the age of spirituality in a Christian sense, presented to you by an Empire. Now when Aquarius comes in to the equation, it is a complete game changer. If you remember in the movie Zeitgeist and as referenced in the Bible Luke 22:10, when Jesus is asked by his disciples where the next passover will be after he is gone, Jesus replied: “Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you bearing a pitcher of water… follow him into the house where he entereth in.” This scripture is by far one of the most revealing of all the astrological references. The man bearing a pitcher of water is Aquarius, the water-bearer, who is always pictured as a man pouring out a pitcher of water. He represents the age after Pisces, and when the Sun (God’s Sun) leaves the Age of Pisces (Jesus), it will go into the House of Aquarius, as Aquarius follows Pisces in the precession of the equinoxes. Also Jesus is saying is that after the Age of Pisces will come the Age of Aquarius. By Zeitgeist.

What does Aquarius look like in relation to the Christian feels in Pisces? The Archetypal image of the Aquarian Age symbolizes the advancement of technology. The “computer age” as it is commonly called, will commence and be characterized by mankind at his most intelligent, marked by an age of Science. The heavy reliance on religious faith is disappearing as the leftover residue of the Piscean Age – fades away. In The Aquarian Age, Science and spirituality answers most of our questions, dissecting every part of man’s existence in an intellectual framework. The main problem is that we are saturated with digital media, and our many blessings appear through the window in light of such attributes as freedom, political revolution, and the ability to reason. The unisex symbol has made its appearance, humanitarianism, group consciousness, Oneness, and large numbers of people taking responsibility for the state of the planet. An evolutionary aim of a utopian society is currently in play. The age of space travel has arrived, along with scientific breakthroughs indicating the most progressive, accelerating and forward-looking zodiacal area of the time is arriving.  Marcia Moore and Mark Douglas claim that the lighting up of the earth by electricity is a sign of the Age of Aquarius. And as you can see by where we are right now and compare it to the beginning of the millennium 2000, you can see how it has unfolded and it gives you an idea of where we’re headed. Christ was the representation of one man put across by one empire. Now we are turning Christ in to an electrical energetic force manifested by us the people and are moving him in to a new era with us. Is this ‘Anti-Christ’? Only according to the empire itself as I guess it goes against their representation and their authority and control over our beliefs. When we start to make our own beliefs and flip the script, the game changes. We don’t have to go metaverse, but we can go quantum

 The book of revelation – The 1000 year reign of Christ – The end times. What does all of this mean? Is text literal or does it have an allegoric meaning? I became super inspired to read the Book of revelation in late 2020 when I noticed the line up of what was going on and started trying to piece it all together. It sure is revelational! One thing however, is that I noticed that according to astronomical events and mentions in the book of revelation is that what they are suggesting is to come, has actually already occurred. If you want to find truth, it’s all there for you. ‘Seek and ye shall find’ – So a lot of decoding has taken place by various people to decipher this as truth, but the general consensus is that what the book of revelation is indicating has already occurred as above so below. Allegorically, you will find that the literal meanings and representations in the book have come to pass based on a number of astronomical alignments and transits, also as mentioned in Zeitgeist but by many others. Yes, these surely are the end times but not for us. These are the end times for the Empire. The fall is happening right in front of our eyes. The veil is lifting. The illusion is fading. The future is manifesting. What does this mean? I might start by saying that pre-christ and way before Christ there was Krishna. The story of Krishna was almost identical to the story of Christ. Both Krishna and Christ meaning the anointed one in Greek. So the stories repeat, the representations mirror and reflect the same story and where we are heading is also as mentioned above, carrying Christ within us in a new way. (More on that later) but these allegories have followed a pattern. To understand more of this pattern, have a watch of Miki Klann decoding the book of revelation and showing how tribulation is over so that you can see it in astrological format and play out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNNDQQj7kig

So with all of the above information, we can conclude that, much against our Western outlook and principles, everything points to everything being cyclical. A very Eastern way of looking at things overall. And that regardless to whether you base that on Eastern Vedic Text or Western Christian doctrine, Astrology, Astronomy, the simple movements of the sun and moon, we can point blank see that there is method in the madness that is nature and cyclical processions. The procession of the equinox as mentioned in the book of revelation and the Bible is exactly stating that proceeding the equinox starts a new ear. The Equinox being the solar and lunar cycles. Our entire system is governed principally by the sun and moon and the stories are influenced and portrayed by the planets and the stars. The force electromagnetically is quite literally the solar lunar connection. The yin and yang. The night and day. The left and right. As above so below. So, where are we heading? Confirmed by NASA in 2017, we are heading for a period of Grand Solar Minima. In fact, this commenced slowly in around 2015 and it was officially noted as in the official stages as of 2020. 2020 marking the 1st year of Grand Solar minima. What does this mean?


This is a solar cycle the sun enters approximately every 11 years with a “grand” maximum phase approximately every 200 years.

The peak low period for the potential of solar minimum phase is forecast to enter between 2019-2020 with ignition of the potential grand solar minimum phase.

This basically means the sun’s activity is reduced to its lowest level and the sunspots and solar storms have quieted down a bit.  It is the “calm” phase of the sun.

Research shows that the last “Grand” solar minimum was believed to have occurred sometime between 1645 and 1715.

There are four major shifts that are affecting all life on earth right now known as space weather:

  1. Solar flare activity
  2. Solar wind storms from coronal holes
  3. Cosmic rays
  4. Geomagnetic storms

All these shifts with the sun weaken the earth’s magnetic fields. Since this cycle began, we have experienced an approximate 30% reduction of the earth’s magnetic fields and the acceleration of the shifting of the poles.

The strength of these magnetic fields is needed to shield all life on earth from harmful space weather particles. So understanding how this affects us is important so we know how to navigate.

Also, during this solar phase, earth will gradually cool with potentially colder, more eventful winters and has been likened to a mini-Ice Age.

A fairly recent study predicts that the next grand solar minimum could see the sun with almost a 7% reduction in light and heat – and this is 7% below the normal solar minimum.

Valentina Zharkova, a professor of mathematics at Northumbria University in the UK, states  “… solar activity will fall by 60 percent during the 2030s to conditions last seen during the ‘mini ice age’ that began in 1645…”

Don’t panic.  All in all, what is important to remember is that the sun-earth relationship is always in a constantly state of flux doing their magnificent dance in our solar system. This is nothing new. We’ve been here before and we will again just this time we’re doing it in a new age, with new tech and will new radical energy. What this could mean could be pretty impressive, if we could get over the initial panic and fear of ‘what it all means’

I guess figuring out what it all means, means having a deep dive on what are the impacts of Solar flares, cosmic rays and solar storms. So, let’s have a look:


Solar flares are magnetic explosions that happen on areas of the sun called sun spots. The emit flashes of X-rays and extreme ultraviolet radiation.

During a grand solar minimum phase, there are fewer sun spots emitting solar flares which means there is less CME’s bombarding the earth.

Because the solar flare activity is quieting down on the sun, we are experiencing another interesting phenomenon… coronal hole storms.

The Coronal Hole Storms

 “Coronal holes are vast regions in the sun’s atmosphere where the sun’s magnetic field opens up and allows streams of solar particles to escape the sun as the fast solar wind.” 

We have been experiencing over the past few months more coronal hole activity that spews massive streams of solar wind that can affect the earth’s magnetic field causing what is called a geomagnetic storm.

These solar wind storms can cause disruptions to communication systems like cell phones as well as GPS systems because of the friction satellites experience at the time.

Now, this part is interesting as, take the year 2020 as the marker for the commencement of the Grand Solar minima and then also look at the Coronal holes and put the pieces together. What does this sound like to you? Corona virus ring a bell? See, seek and ye shall find. And all of this will be coming out in the narrative at some point soon as eventually, this information won’t be able to be contained and we will have to be very aware of this next stage of the cycle en masse if we want to progress or merely exist. This is why it’s very crucial and why many are urging others to wake up because all is not as it seems and the rulers of the crumbling empire are keeping those in the dark about where this is leading. Why would they do that? Because they aren’t coming with. (Revelation – End times for them) The days of empires and rulers according to solar minimas are over. More on that below.

Cosmic Rays

According to NASA: “There are unique space weather effects that get stronger during solar minimum. For example, the number of galactic cosmic rays that reach Earth’s upper atmosphere increases during solar minimum. Galactic cosmic rays are high energy particles accelerated toward the solar system by distant supernova explosions and other violent events in the galaxy.”

Cosmic rays can “trigger larger flash floods, hailstorms and – due to jet stream disturbance and mixing of atmospheric layers – local long-duration precipitation events (e.g. atmospheric rivers)” as we have been witnessing over the plain states this year.

It can also trigger earthquakes, lightening, and volcanoes and other tectonic anomalies. As I write this, I am sat watching day 3 of a cyclone that has hit our Cyprus shores and I have never heard thunder like that in my life. I actually went to check if an earthquake had been listed as it felt and sounded like the house had been split in half! And all over we can see the effects of flooding, fire storms and weird weather all over the globe. It isn’t going to stop any time soon either so we need to know how to move forward with this.

The below is written by Laura Healing with Spirit:

To me it is validating and interesting to see what science is beginning to say to substantiate what many of us empaths, healers, and others in the spiritual community have been saying using different terminologies.

The effects from this recent sun cycle began to amplify how we are experiencing things after the solar eclipse of August 2017.

We can anticipate more earthquakes, volcanoes, lightning, and other electric events and an enhanced risk for a solar flare that can disrupt our power grid.

There is even some discussion in the scientific communities about the biologic effects of space weather on humans.  There is more space radiation entering the earth’s atmosphere due to the earth’s weakened magnetic field. This means humans are more susceptible to the influx of cosmic rays, harmful electromagnetic radiation and space particles.

Some of you have heard me talk about the science behind the space weather and earth’s weakening magnetic fields and how it may impact our health.

What might you personally experience? All are deemed unexplainable or amplified for those with existing current medical conditions.

  • Bouts of inability to sleep
  • Bouts of serious fatigue or mega sluggishness
  • Cardiac arrythmias
  • Chest pressures
  • Mood shifts
  • Time warps or feeling as if you are. May feel as if time is speeding up and then slowing down.
  • Emergence of unresolved old wounds or traumas
  • Spiritual awakening and growth
  • Heightened sensitivities or empathic abilities

Those who are at greatest risks? Those with cardiovascular disease, mood disorders, and sleep disorders as well as those who fly. You can read about this from the research conducted about space weather from the University of NH.

Please do not go into panic mode. I do not write this to create chaos and doom and gloom. The intention is to make you more aware and awake to the effects space weather might have on your human body and mind.


We forget we are made up of mostly water that conducts electricity and the heart and brain are centres for electrical conduction. As mentioned in many of my posts about my health issues and concerns and how I dug about to find solutions, this is how I have come to find all of this information and I have spent the best part of a decade trying to  map it all out. Why? So that it can help you. So that it can help all of us moving forwards. So that we can be informed on what is to come and stand strong as communities and create a revolutionary empire of our own that can benefit all of us moving forward. How very Uranian and aquarian of me to say so…

The point of writing this is to help you navigate some of what you might experience and better explain some of the symptoms especially when the medical community cannot explain or help you and let me tell you first hand, they haven’t a clue. Or if they do, they’re not telling you! I have learned over the years that the “not knowing” factor can be quite debilitating to our very being. So education, understanding, and doing the self-care work are key.

As humans, we are evolving and experiencing some mass spiritual awakening that is coinciding with all of this. We are healing generational traumas, old belief systems and patterns.

It is important moving forward if you are sensitive to the space weather and learn tools to manage these effects.

So, how can we do that?

Firstly, it is widely spoken about in the spiritual community and the science community, both of which should bever have been separated one from the other as they literally go hand in hand together, but the word on the streets is that new technologies will become widely available to assist in the management of our health in ways we have not yet experienced. The problem with Solar minima is that it can lead to health complications that if we do not practice proper WHOLEISTIC healthcare management and preventative solutions can manifest in to problematic issues such as vitamin D deficiencies, heart problems, Skin cancers, bone diseases, immune function decline and brain function defects. It is said that the tech that is available will be based on quantum healing solutions. I have done a couple of posts on Quantum and I work with people in the fields of quantum engineering and physics throughout our FORTIS ONE HEALTH platform and from what they have concluded, there is a huge energy of quantum force fields that is literally taking over our old empirical structure as it crumbles and is replacing it with an etherical based solution. We can see that already in the multi-platform digital currencies, digital education introductions and all of our communication networks, soon to be all linked to starlink and various other satellites to monster size what is coming. As far as healing technologies go, sonar and light healing frequencies that can help in the matching and balancing of our internal frequencies via tech solutions are being set up as the way forward and has already commenced in many fields. Full body scanners, UV light therapy treatments and sound healing is absolutely nothing new and is absolutely effective but we have never had anything on quite this scale before and what is coming, as mentioned above, is pure Uranus Aquarius – The new way of tech solutions and AI connections that given the solar minima concerns, will come in very useful. There are many that resist this and that fear it is the ushering in of the New World Order. A concept pushed in to your consciousness by the very people that have controlled us and that we are liberating ourselves from and the reason they have done this is to keep you trapped in a paradigm of fear. If you are held in fear it perpetuated their cycle. The only problem is, that this energy that is coming through right now is creating something so forceful and unstoppable and it is tearing holes in their agenda because NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING. (More on that below) Lets now just focus on what we need to consider in terms of our health moving forwards

So, we can confirm that we are entering in to a phase of Grand Solar minima. This means that the control mechanisms that have been in place will be no longer. The shift in to a new cycle is to commence if it has not already and with that, comes a whole new way of living, a way that is governed by us the people together and with the use of new technologies to assist us moving forwards. This is the dawning of the quantum period where the focus on energy will take centre stage over church based religions, one way governed structures and authoritarian leaders and regimes. Energy will replace the structures and the energy will be manifested by us the people in a very etheric sense. This has started to manifest by the return of the Eastern healing philosophies and principles that have become popular of late. The popularity of yoga and ayurvedic principles, traditional Chinese medicine, yin yang balancing, meditation, herbal medicine and so on. So as everything is cyclical, now we move West back to East. It was prophesised not long ago that the Western woman would revive Eastern principles and based on this very work, I can confirm I believe that to be true. Western medicine has a huge place and a major role in our lives and so it should but there needs to be a balance with the availability of other methods and ones that focus on the whole wellbeing of an individual and not a one pill for all solution. We are growing in to an age where we are taking control of our health in sovereign ways and as we do that, the old ways become outdated and no longer useful. What we are seeing play out in front of us right now in a huge way, is the pushing of medical tyranny in such a force that has the contra effect en masse to what they are hoping to achieve and is in fact driving people to find alternative healthcare solutions based on ethics and principles that suit them. Foraging has become popular. People are wanting to learn about how they can manage their health through diet and lifestyle management and we are hearing about effective solutions for our health based on cyclical and elemental principles such as the four seasons diet plan https://kathryn-asher.com/2021/12/15/the-four-seasons-of-your-menstrual-cycle-the-mother-earth-that-you-are-tune-back-in/ (One especially useful to women), the benefits of Ice bathing by Wim Hoff, the benefits of Binaural beats to regulate brain waves and things like alternate nostril breathing, grow your own projects, essential oils, homeopathy and so much more has come to the forefront to replace the old and dying systems that have failed us. They are however screaming on their way out and of course trying to keep us in that perpetuated state of fear by claiming WE NEED THEM OR ELSE WE’LL ALL DIE but, humans are resilient and from the ashes the phoenix rises. From the fire, new creation is birthed. I can say for certain that intuitive health and intuitive mindset are very prominent right now and the ability to feel ones way forward in the future is also something that is greatly on the rise

I want to spend a moment however, going over some of the crucial scientific and medical based considerations in terms of our health and what is important to look at.


So, as someone that works with hormones and cyclical principles, the hormone melatonin. This next segment will be the scientific reveals of what melatonin is and the part it plays alongside various other antioxidants and hormones that make us US. Please pay particular attention to the mention of the pineal gland and its value in a spiritual sense also.

Melatonin, known chemically as N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine, is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland located at the base of the brain that helps regulate sleep and wake cycles. This hormone is a derivative of the neurotransmitter serotonin and the amino acid tryptophan. (Tryptophan, for example present in food such as turkey and potatoes, sends you off to sleep better after eating them as they help trigger the hormone in to secretion – Why people enjoy a snooze after a Christmas day lunch) The pineal gland is also what is responsible for our awakening state of consciousness. Often referred to as the third eye, the seat of the soul, or the epicentre of enlightenment; the pineal gland has been something of a mystery when it come to science, yet this small gland in the brain has earned high praise amongst many esoteric / mystical  schools of thought as being quintessential to spiritual development.

What’s even more fascinating is that the pineal gland is not just an important concept to one or two cultural traditions, but is applauded for extraordinary abilities to raise consciousness among a variety of cultures all over the world.

Not only is the pineal gland a praised tool for spiritual enlightenment, but scientifically it has many special properties that make it quite unique when it comes to the human physiology. Roughly just the size of a pea, the pineal gland not only receives the most blood flow of any organ in the body, minus the kidneys, but it is one of the largest producers in the body of the all important chemical serotonin. So you see how when we speak of how the solar flares and cosmic rays have a vital impact on our health and the effects that that has on our spiritual connection and universal frequency, it is a pretty big deal that we focus on maintaining a healthy connection to this gland and its secretion. It is also worth noting and I will do an entirely separate post about this as it’s a very deep topic but, the secretion of fluid is also what activates what is known as your Christ consciousness, so as we move in to Aquarius and away from structured doctrine and towards self-governed spirituality, your body will change to become more Christ – Aligned. It is said by the highly spiritual that we will live in Crystalline bodies to match the less dense frequencies that can also work better with the sound light tech and solar minima inevitability. Crystalline – Christ Align….The anointed one via a secreted serum in the brain. WOAH! Carry on please about why brain hormone production is crucial…


Our bodies have their own internal clocks that help regulate the natural cycle of sleeping and waking hours (circadian rhythm) by controlling the production of melatonin. Usually, the levels of this hormone begin to rise in the mid- to late evening, remain high for most of the night, and then decline in the early morning hours. According to the Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms, approximately 5-25 mcg of melatonin are secreted into the blood stream of healthy young and middle-aged men at night time.

Natural production is greatly affected by light. That is why during the shorter days of the fall and winter months, melatonin production may start earlier in the day. This change can lead to symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), or winter depression, when some people feel more tired and they need more sleep. Natural melatonin levels decline gradually after the age of thirty. Some elderly people produce very small amounts of it or none at all.


Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant that can cross cell membranes, cross the blood-brain barrier, and it plays a role in stimulating other antioxidants – this makes it a truly unique antioxidant. It is considered more powerful than vitamins C, E and A, because it is soluble in both fat and water and can enter cells that vitamins cannot. Unlike other antioxidants, it does not undergo redox cycling, which is the ability of a molecule to undergo repeated reduction and oxidation and regain its antioxidant properties (in other words, it cannot be recycled). That is why it is referred to as a terminal antioxidant.

So, we see that in order to activate this hormone and produce this powerful antioxidant, it can only be possible at night time. Hence then, why sleep is so crucial to our lives and a decent bedtime routine is an absolute must.

Melatonin has been shown to effectively raise glutathione levels in many tissues, such as the brain, liver, blood serum and muscles.

Read the abstracts of clinical trials linking melatonin to Glutathione production.

Each antioxidant plays specific roles within our bodies. One of the roles melatonin plays is in the protection of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA. Of course this requires some explanation first. DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. It is found in the nucleus and in the mitochondria of the cell. DNA is the genetic material that is responsible for determining who and what we are. Nuclear DNA is the DNA found in the nucleus of the cell. Mitochondrial DNA is found within the cell; mitochondria are structures within cells that convert the energy from food into a form that cells can use. Click here for more information on Mitochondrial DNA. This is a lot of in-depth information about melatonin, but it is presented to stress how important of a role it plays in protecting our health.

DNA repair is a vital role in our health. The oxidative stress producing free radicals damages our DNA. The DNA is surprisingly resilient but it can function properly when damaged only to a certain degree. At some point, the damage becomes too severe and the cell starts duplicating itself uncontrollably. Our body recognizes this as a foreign cell (cancer or tumor) and attacks it. If our body’s attack is successful we are never aware it occurred. But if it is not successful we develop cancer. So, melatonin protecting DNA before the damage gets to this severe point is vitally important to the success of immune system in keeping our bodies cancer and tumour free.

As an antioxidant melatonin is a potent scavenger of free radicals. It has been studied extensively for the treatment of cancer, immune system disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, cardiovascular disease, and depression.


Most of us know that we heal the fastest when we sleep: why? The answer to this question is not a straightforward answer. But a big part of the answer has to do with glutathione, antioxidants and melatonin.

Antioxidants eliminate free radicals and in cases like melatonin and glutathione, antioxidants can also repair DNA. So what is the relationship of these three things and how do they affect the healing process when we sleep?

To start, when we lack an antioxidant or are low on specific antioxidants, glutathione takes on their role (job, so to say) of eliminating free radicals. This tends to deplete glutathione supplies in the body, which then inhibits or slows down all the other roles that glutathione plays in our body – detoxification, DNA repair, recycling other antioxidants, transfer of energy from mitochondria to the cell, food for the immune system and as an immune system regulator.

When melatonin is produced, as an antioxidant it frees up glutathione (this is proven clinically). With the freeing up of glutathione, glutathione is then free to perform its other roles. Two of the most important roles are food for the immune system and toxin removal. The healing process is greatly inhibited by the presence of pathogens and toxins. So while this answer is not direct, by following the path of antioxidants, melatonin and glutathione, and understanding the interactive role they have with one another, we can see how melatonin production increases glutathione and in turn speeds the healing process.


Of great interest are the studies about the effect of light pollution on the production of melatonin and as a result, the impact on the metabolism, immune function, endocrine balances and the development of cancers.

Light pollution is the brightening of the sky at night by artificial lightning of highways, streets, malls, stadiums, homes, etc., also called urban sky glow. Retinal ganglion cells responsible for detecting light and suppressing melatonin production are most sensitive to blue/violet light.

The 2007 review published in the Journal of Pineal Research states that human exposure to low-level incandescent lightning for only 39 minutes suppresses melatonin levels upto 50%. As we stated above, melatonin stimulates Glutathione synthesis. Constant light exposure leads to melatonin deficiency which leads to decreased tissue Glutathione peroxidase activity and the promotion of oxidative stress.

Current evidence suggests, as noted in the review The dark side of light, exposure to the high levels of artificial light at night may play a role in cancer risk. Studies have indicated that melatonin exerts a direct effect on tumour growth and proliferation, and the increased risk of cancer was observed in patients with the brightest bedrooms. Multiple studies have documented a link between night shift work and an increased incidence of breast cancer.

Read the full text of this review here: “The dark side of light at night: physiological, epidemiological, and ecological consequences” by Kristen J. Navara and Randy J. Nelson. The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.

Another factor that reduces melatonin production is certain drugs: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) or naproxen (Naprosyn, Aleve); beta-blocker blood pressure medications such as atenolol (Tenormin) or metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol); and medications that reduce levels of vitamin B6 in the body (such as birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy, loop diuretics, hydralazine, or theophylline). Time to ditch this and bring in new ways that are way healthier. As we ditch the anti-biotics and the pain killers, lets reach for the tinctures and the herbs instead. They worked for thousands of years before our empirical dictators took the reins. Time to rise and bring it back.


By removing technology from the bedroom and having the bedroom be for rest and relaxation only (Consider sexual pleasure rest and relaxation and also look to implement more of that J) but work and tech should not cross the threshold. Value your dark hours. Close the blinds and curtains. Take a salt bath, a magnesium supplement, a massage, use essential oils (They are so high vibe they help you to connect deeper to nature), light a candle, get under the sheets, close your eyes and listen to some binaural beats, read a few pages of a book (fiction is great, don’t overlook it, it helps to stir imagination – Book not kindle) and make sure to be asleep early enough to get a decent 8 hours. Why? Because then your pineal gland can produce a melatonin and help your body, mind and spirit function as optimally as possible.

Do not sleep with your head below a window. Do not use oppressive or bold colours in your décor. Keep under your bed clear to allow Qi to flow. Allow air to enter throughout the day to circulate energy and refresh throughout the room.

That’s a lot of science and data pertaining our hormone health regarding melatonin and why it’s important. The other crucial factor is our diet and how we plan our lifestyles around our consumption of food and drink. This also going forward will be super important. Eating a glutathione-supported diet could involve the inclusion of these foods daily, especially the green foods, asparagus, avocado, cucumber, green beans, and spinach and meat foods that are high in zinc and selenium such as beef, lamb and organ meat.

Protein-rich foods have known to also be helpful with GSH levels. The three amino acids associated with GSH are not considered essential because the body naturally produces it. However, cysteine and glycine are VERY necessary to consume especially when the body is over-stressed, injured or ill because the body because it needs more of these amino acids to fight off toxins or heal/repair from injury. 

​Other research has shown that the reduction of alcohol, getting enough sleep, and increasing physical activity helps glutathione levels. Glutathione depletion occurs from many factors, such as aging, a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Whole grains have all three amino acids and plant-based sources like sunflower seeds and lentils (cysteine), tempeh and organic tofu (glycine) and Kombu (glutamic acid) (6). Walnuts have been noted to have higher amounts of GSH. 

Glutathione as well as the other nutrients and vitamins in all of these foods  is another reason to switch to a healthier diet because of its immune function boosting capabilities.  

On February 3rd 2022, I am launching my cyclical eating 28 hormone reset program. It is specifically aimed at women though honestly anyone can follow it and it is based on TCM principles according to yin yan cycles and seasonal cycles throughout your cycle itself. Very cyclic. And it is all based on WHOLE foods that trigger glutathione and protect and regulate all your body’s hormones. In addition to the menu planner and recipe guides, there will also be guides on what is best to supplement when and why, essential oils and herbs you can incorporate throughout and various lifestyle techniques that can boost you during each different stage of your cycle. These are all principles that are based on ancient traditions with a modern twist so some recipes will be of Asian inspiration, others with a European focus to make it more accessible, also based o blood types, meat diets and vegetarian options and all with a focus on how to protect ourselves moving in to the future based on ALL THE INFORMATION PROVIDED ABOVE!

Ok, let’s have a look at the spiritual side of this GREAT AWAKENING:

Every once in a while, one of us wakes up to the shenanigans behind the curtain, starts saying something, and is then silenced by the majority who don’t want to wake up from their comfortable survival dream. The “woke” are then minimized, belittled and accused of spouting “conspiracy theories” by this slumbering majority who refuse to listen, as they spew accusations of “no factual evidence”, when they themselves have never done any real fact-finding, wanting the “facts” to reflect the comfort of their box. The box being the very structure we are liberating ourselves from. ‘Think outside the box’ actually means exactly this.

Meanwhile, wars are waged, economies fail, crimes are committed against humanity, all without a modicum of justice, because it’s all just “out of our hands”.

The elephant in the room is that the mere act of awakening to these dark agendas reduces their power and makes it more difficult for these Dark Forces to gleefully continue their exploits.

As humanity’s Great Awakening unfolds, the Dark Forces begin to lash out in a frenzied attempt to distract and confuse–blatantly propagandizing, cheating and stealing to do “whatever it takes” to regain their safety behind the curtain.

The problem for the Dark is that once people “wake up” they are not so easily put back to sleep, and soon, the awareness dawns that the collective has been being exploited and abused for the benefit of those with the Dark agendas. This shortly leads to righteous demands for truth and justice.

The ancient axiom, “As without, so it is within” is the clarion call of awakening. As the awakening process proceeds, it exposes how we are complicit in the Dark agenda, and how we minimized our own light to “fit in”, and “be nice” despite circumstances that should have inspired us to break out and shatter the social norms. We instead defended our comfortable positions, looked away from the Dark manipulations, and ignored our societal and personal accountability.

DENIAL is one of the first steps of awakening. You get a glimpse of the sheer magnitude of the Darkness and what that might mean to your existence, and it’s natural to knee jerk into denial. Yet, the door has been cracked open, and even the smallest opening cannot be closed.

When courage returns, the door opens more, and soon, the Light that is your essence fills those Dark spaces, and transforms the world. There is nothing to be “aghast” about, nothing to be outraged about. It is simply the Truth standing there for all to see.

When Truth becomes self-evident, our light is unfettered, and the building blocks of a new creation start to organize. Whatever was in the Darkness can now join the light of creation, and the illusion’s created by the darkness fall away to reveal the unconditional love that was always there.

The Great Awakening is indeed upon us, with many in various stages of acceptance. The priority is to respect where others are in the process, and to hold fast to our steady gaze at Truth, despite the “gnashing of teeth” that may come at us from out of the Darkness as it dissolves in the Light. There is great potential for love within the Darkness that is released in the light of Truth. Hold steady, know we are witnessing a transformation of the world, and a transformation of ourselves–The Greater Life we have always known is our destiny. – This stunning piece was written by The Elephant Journal – https://www.elephantjournal.com/2021/09/the-great-awakening/ and is an incredible description of the uncovering’s and moments of awakening and why it is perhaps happening now in accordance to all that is written above.

We must remember, that as souls we are here following in the footsteps of our ancestors and guided by the stars above. Our dualistic society and belief structures either fit us in the box of Christian or other mainstream religion dogma or what the Christians call New Age Luciferian false light. One side off plays the other all the time but what we need to realise is that it does so to perpetuate division, fear, uncertainty and prevent a spiritual awakening or self discovery to happen from within. It is perfectly possible to believe in Christ and follow astrology even though the bible condemns us as sinners for doing so. It does so to keep us in fear and prohibit us from wandering too far from the word. There are those that believed that Jesus Christ as a real person was in fact an astrologer that performed alchemy based on his own awakening and that he was trying hard to rebel against the empire and free the people. A revolutionary of his own age. There are those that believe that Christ is a secreted oil within us that if self health is practiced wisely you can achieve your own state of anointment within. There are those that believe that Christ was nothing more than an astrological alignment in the sky and the dates are all wrong and what we celebrate in accordance to Christ is in fact an inverted satanic ritual manipulated and distorted by the very establishment itself to prevent us from developing our own spiritual insight and connection to source. And there are those that consider the period we are moving in to as purely satanic. The rise of the anti-Christ is the age of Aquarius. Who am I to say whether or not that is true, but I can say that if NOTHING CAN STOP WHATS COMING then either we embrace the change and make the most of it and hope that it all unfolds with good intention and also consider that those proclaiming it to be the anti-Christ are in fear of change and are not ready to leave behind what they’ve been so accustomed to know and believe. You can still be faithful to God and move with the times. There are twists and turns everywhere and you could spend a lifetime trying to decipher the truth. What I do know to be true is that the 10 commandments were Gods basic rule book. The common law. Do no harm to others, do not cheat, do not steal, honour your father and mother, honour your neighbour, do not lie. When we live by these simple guides / rules then life doesn’t seem so hard or cruel, unfortunately though, the system rigs us for inequality that make achieving these simple standards really hard. If we can’t earn enough to eat, we steal. If we have to work ourselves to the ground to live, we are taken away from our natural rhythm and god source connection as we are serving the beast in his plan of greed and imbalance. Ah, how to find balance in a spinning world of madness. I believe the Anti-Christ has already existed and it is what we are dismantling. There is nothing natural about our system and how it is managed. The beast feeds off our insecurities, our fears, our accepting the olds ways that were all lower frequency traps to keep us from moving up in to our higher senses. That system and its handlers were the anti-Christ and not wanting to let go of this system is submitting to the beast while you stay in your box. Aren’t you ready to shift?

A huge part of our spiritual awakening and how it coincides with where we are positioned galactically and how the Solar flares and cosmic rays influence our spiritual connection to universal source, we find that we become more highly attuned to vibrations and frequencies that previously were unachievable due to density and lower frequencies. When the planetary frequencies rise, so do we. Our bodies change, as mentioned before, we become more crystalline. This lighter version of ourselves allows us to adapt and withhold a different light frequency based on all of these changes, Our diets change, our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, senses. We become more ‘Christed’. The bible may teach you that Christ is the son that paid for all of our sins. We are not Gods. We are not Christ, but, as Genesis says, we were created in Gods image. And I am certain that God is not a human man or woman. I am also fairly certain that I was not born a sinner. If we can see how fundamentally immense the influence of the Sun has over us, and we know that God created the firmament,

‘And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:

And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so.

And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.

Then I doubt that a Man or Woman created this phenomenon. An energy as God is that created all that is above us and below us did not manifest all of this from a human form of that I am certain. I find God to be far more than we could ever comprehend but the closest I would get to trying to describe it could be quantum. Something so etheric and unhackable and based on universal laws and principles. Did you know that we are made up of stars. The very things that God placed in the firmament to guide us are the very elements that compose the human body. So you could say, we guide ourselves. You could say then that if that be true we don’t need an establishment to set rules and guides before us. And as the guiding light we are to ourselves in universal matter, again why it is so crucial so form a healthy balance with oneself and connect to nature. Leave behind the cities that never sleep and the fast paced grind that only serves the masters and not the soul. Those days are over. Now we need to step up and look after ourselves and our people and work together as one to form a united balance of progression and forward thinking innovation that serves us well. Again, a very Uranian Aquarian way of looking at things. But if this is the way we are going and things need to change, then this needs to be shared. It’s ok, you can still believe in Christ and the Church, You don’t have to if you don’t want to. But what we do need to start to believe in is ourselves. This is why sovereignty and self-governance now moving forward is so crucial. It won’t be for everyone. Some are not ready to leave their comfortable existences. Others have no interest in finding out who they really are. Some are holding too much trauma to try to figure it out. I truly feel the next year in particular, 2022 will be the year of self-healing and community. These solar flashes will continue to blast us, the great awakening will continue to unfold. All the stories that are being put out to us now are being done so for a reason. As the breakdown almost reaches completion if it has not already, there will be no choice but to rise up from ones internal ashes and dig deep to find out who we really are and why it is we’re here. Is it to serve as a lesson to you or to someone you are here to trigger? For we are all here to trigger the living day lights out of each other until the moment where we will all have risen from the ashes and have met each other on the other side. How long that takes, who knows? But it is well underway. You need to choose, will you let go of all you ever knew, close your eyes and fall in to the unknown and trust that God, Universe will guide you, or will it all be too much? Government literally means Govern mind. It means mind control. For centuries we have been programmed and manipulated to serve an agenda whereas mentioned above, few profit off the unconscious proceeds of others. The mind control has been so severe that is why we are now experiencing an absolute epidemic of anxiety, depression and mental health crisis. We are at our wits end and as our consciousness shifts in to higher states, we are breaking out of old mental constructs that no longer serve us. We are breaking free. This next chapter will involve our hearts more and with that inflicts a huge spiritual uprise because love is the highest frequency of all. Once we all break out of the mind control and transmute our own traumas on an individual level and a collective level, on the other side of that work we will find each other. Ready to tackle the aftermath and put the pieces back together with a while new fabric of togetherness and peace.

I watch the workings of a South African guy called Michael Tellinger who has documented a lot about Gods past and our ancestral Histories and he is advocating a principle I also agree with and have done since studying Minimal Government policies since my degree and Tellinger goes on to explain his ONE SMALL TOWN method that brings power back to small communities but with minimal gov managed within and where small towns can become places of abundance and prosperity. Please watch his intro about creating our new reality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXY8Rbx3fwI

On a really fun side note and to finish off, I would almost use it as the conclusion to all of the above and please, I do know that it was fiction however, I also know that things are not designed on such a blockbuster budget for nothing and everything dropped in to human consciousness is for a reason, but my daughter started watching Game of Thrones towards the end of last summer. Yesterday, she watched the last 2 finale episodes and although I had already seen it I sat and watched it with her. Do yourself a favour, even if you have already watched GOT, please watch the last 2 episodes again. With new eyes after these last few years and based on all that I have written from start to finish of this post let us talk about the unfolding conclusions of the series. What happens at the end of GOT? The empire collapses. The tyrants lose to the people. The City burns to the ground. The rightful ‘King of the North’ (The North being reflective of our true north – North pole, conscious crown rising) takes away the power from his queen by taking her life even though he truly loved her so that he could liberate the people from the iron throne. The iron throne representing the iron age, The Monarchy, kali yuga. The age that we are closing so that we can step in to the age of freedom and transformation. The queens dragon burns the iron throne with fire, melting it in to the city so that it can never again be used to rule over the lands. Tyrian declares that it is not the right of anyone to take the life of another in the name of justice as he declares the new king to be Bran the broken, The boy who holds all the memories of all the realms together in his 3rd eye (pineal gland) and who even though he is a cripple taught himself to fly (age of Aquarius – age of air) and although he doesn’t want to rule as king with power under traditional pretences he agrees to withhold a minimal state authority as ‘keeper of the realm’ under fair and ethical principles for the benefit of the people. Sansa suggests the North remain an independent land (Brexit) and that she will be crowned queen (Divine feminine power over the independent land – The Sovereign mind) and Arya heads off on her quest to discover what is West of Westeros and find out what is beyond what is written on the maps (Antarctica and the inner earth discoveries aka the hidden realms) The end scene is the council deciding where to invest their attention for the benefit of the people. Their water supply. Their resources. All of them discussing the options with equal say so and with love, honour and integrity as the backbone principle of their decisions. Much like Tellinger suggests we do. Much like I believe we should do.

Who knows yet what the future holds. What it will look like 10, 20, 30 years from now? But one thing is for sure, if you hold on to the old as it crumbles, you will crumble with it. These are times for faith, humility and patience. Times when we need to help each other rise through the uncertainty and tragedy of what is happening around us and just know that it is happening to allow for a grander plan to unfold. There is no such thing as death, there is only transformation and on the other side of this, we can look back and hopefully breathe a sigh of relief while we write our own chapters in the book of the next era and declare how it all came to pass. But may it unfold with love, authenticity and honour.

A big thanks from me to you and may you share this insight and add or expand to it as you see fit. I send this with love and the deepest heartfelt vibration to you all and hope it is well received. A keeper of our realm



The truths about Electricity and Cancer, EMF protection and the Sun’s healing benefits


This is a multi-layered post touching on topics that I shared throughout December regarding Laser hair removal, why we have body hair and the health consequences of removing our body hair. Then looking at that topic alongside the EMF radiowaves and how they have influenced modern day illness, it is crucial that we start getting back to nature so that we can strengthen our immune systems and prevent illness by being our own high vibration to counteract the sickness that occurs via EMF frequencies and environmental toxic overloads.

Here I share information and data from the book ‘The invisible Rainbow’ by Arthur Firstenberg (Can be purchased on amazon) where he discusses these topics at great length and hopefully give you some insight in to how you can help your body protect itself from negative frequencies and foreign radicals and toxins through use of natural dietary resources, essential oils, sleep patterns and reducing exposure within your home environment.

Just a short consideration while it popped in to my head but putting it out there.

To protect from sun damage, please consider using natural carrier oils and essential oils that are natural SFPs such as Carrot seed oil, helichrysum, lavender, geranium and frankincense. Make sure to include lemon peel and orange fruits and veg in your diet and again, get out in nature and make sure to get good quality sleep.

As promised, I am linking the original chat we posted on the importance of body hair https://www.instagram.com/p/CXIqkLnqnRE/

And the FIREWALL essential oil blend recipe which is here: Lemon, Eucalyptus, Cypress, Rosemary, Patchouli, Pine, Peppermint and Vetiver. Use a carrier oil of 80% Jojoba (which contain wax esters and fatty acids that are similar to human sebum making it the top oil to chose to suit the skin), 10% castor oil, 5% pumpkin seed oil and 5% carrot seed oil then add 15 drops of each essential oil in to the carrier mix. You can also make a blend of these oils in a water spray bottle and spray around your area over head and face multiple times throughout the day to cleanse and neutralize your air space.


And my friend Jo’s lovely range of sleep oils at KISS THE MOON

As mentioned in the post, all 2022 projects and courses launch on Feb 3rd. Stay tuned! Lots will be going on from Hormone health projects and then the 3 part compliation of MIND, BODY, SPIRIT which will be sold singularly or as a 3 part to help you launch in to 2022 with the freedom and empowerment controlled and managed by YOU for you!

Take care all and catch you soon




As women, we are so disconnected from our cycles. We don’t fully understand the workings of our bodies and due to this, we have so many irregular disruptions, out of balance issues showing up in our systems and not enough of an intuitive connection and understanding about the deeper, natural sense of our body’s purpose as females.

It’s not necessarily our faults. We’re sold hormonal contraceptives and replacement treatments and our diets are full of disruptors that cause us to out-sync so we are left with issues such as hormone imbalances, thyroid problems, adrenal fatigue, missed periods, irregularities and other quite serious conditions that could have been prevented if we had a deeper understanding of what should be going on with our bodies.

It’s very much like the cyclical disturbances we see that occur in nature. We have 12 months in a year, 4 seasons during that solar cycle, 12 lunar cycles every 28 days and so we as women are like little moons transiting the Earths solar system very much like the big players do. Within the 28 days of our menstrual cycle (Menses comes from the Latin plural meaning Mensis meaning months) so we are in effect no different to the external greater play of Earth’s natural cycles. We see now that Earth s currently going through a dilemma of her very own. A ‘climate change’ scenario where we see that she is imbalanced. The poles are wobbling, the weather is strange, there’s something in the air and all the while she is shifting, so are we.

The way I see this shift going, is back to a state of natural resonance. An awakening to the knowledge of our body’s capabilities and purpose and a re-wilding back to a deeper intuitive understanding of our rooted connections. We have been out of sync for far too long and its time to get healthy!



The four seasons of our menstrual cycle explains the 4 periods within our period and what that means during the 28 day cycle within the cycle.

You have:

  1. MENSTRUATION – Typically lasting between 1-5 days. Your bleed. LOVE THIS TIME PLEASE LADIES it is a sacred honour to bleed. It is our ancestral DNA passing through you and reconnecting us back to our ancestors via the Mother and allowing us to evolve. This time is MAGICAL! During this PERIOD you will recline into hibernation. This period is known as WINTER. It is where you die back and release the old, shedding it through your blood and putting it back in to the earth to regenerate the Earth. To regenerate YOU. What you eat and how you move during this time is CRUCIAL. You must be slow, thoughtful, rich, deep. This is your journey to the underworld. Your time to die and re-set
  2. FOLLICULAR – This is your post-menses. Your energy now will start to pick up. This is your re-birth. Your energetic re-start where your body starts to re-build layers back in the proverbial forest within and provide you with new vitality and focus. This is known as your SPRING period and from the start of spring leading in to summer, again, what you eat and how you move is crucial to maintaining a sound and balanced system. You must re-balance the blood you lost and rebuild your energies. Blood building now is cruiclal
  3. OVULATION – During ovulation, your body will have warmed up nicely and providing how much blood building emphasis you worked up during Spring coming out of Winter and how much energy your body has to develop in to fruition and fertility, this will be your window of opportunity to pro-create should the conditions be right. This is when your body is most fertile and mature and will have been empowered by the sun as this period is known as your SUMMER period. The period where your body temp will be highest, you will feel more yang and you will be creative, flowing and energized! The sun is out and so are you! The flower opens up so to speak
  4. LUTEAL – “pertaining to the corpus luteum,” 1906, from Latin luteus “yellow,” from lutum, the name of a weed used in dying yellow. This is the AUTUMN / FALL period. The period where you still have that vital energy from the charges of the sun and you have maintained the warmth that you will carry forward throughout this phase, which is the longest of all the phases. If during ovulation fertilisation did not occur, then the corpus luteum fades away.  The dying back in preparation for the coming winter season. This is your PRE-MENSTRUAL CYCLE. Again, carrying enough YANG energy throughout this cycle will enable you to have the reserves to comfortably recline and wither back throughout the death period of winter. It is said in Chinese philosophy that in order to have a good re-birth, you should have a good death. Again, depending on how you eat and move during this period, it will set the tone for the next period

And the next, and the next, and the next…..

So do you see how cyclical we are? How we are nature and we are our own Mother Earths and depending on how we use and enforce the other elements throughout our cycles we can build ourselves strong or we can struggle, falling into imbalance and disharmony. It takes 120 days to regenerate new cells within the body. This doesn’t happen over night so it is crucial to maintain a standard and be consistent in order to see great results

In January I will be launching a super detailed program that has all the information you will need based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles but with a Western spin to be able to make following the program more achievable. There will be calendar downloads, meal planners and recipe ideas, a list of what adaptogenic herbs might be useful, natural supplements and essential oil guides for though-out each phase and a work out guide to follow so you can get your sync on!

But for now, I leave you with this intro in to what the FOUR SEASONS are and how important knowing this information is for the greater good of the female you!



Welcoming Scorpio Season 2021


Where most think of death as the end, Scorpio things of death as the beginning. It is the time when the weight we have carried for the year starts to wilt and fall and we wither and recline in to a slumber until ultimately, the last leaf falls and the last warm breath is inhaled. The perish is unavoidable. It mirrors the turnings of nature. It is a time to remember that we are cyclical beings and that as the sun makes its decent and the darkness casts upon us, even when death seems to be the line that is drawn, Scorpio, as tricky as it can be, shows us that death does not mean the end. It is the decent and the withering of old ways, old systems, old beliefs, old skin. What is old no longer serves us and we all have many things that we have outgrown and overused, even if to us those things are what bring us great comfort and feel like they are what bring us the most attachment to this world, remember, attachment is also dangerous. Attachments do not allow us to grow and after death comes the opportunity for rebirth where you can grow in to new ways, new paths unfolding that we yet cannot see or envision because we are still releasing the old that is soon to perish. Scorpio, as dark and potentially scary as it is, must actually be considered a blessing and an opportunity to know that even once you have reached the rock bottom of the underworld and the lights have gone out, from the surrender and ash of the womb of the dead come the sparks and fire of new creation. Sagittarius soon to ignite whatever lays dormant, thinking, creating and moulding new breath during the Scorpio transit and come the fiery energy of Sagittarius late November, what creation merges throughout scorpio will slowly start to spark and a rebirth will commence. So it is important that during this decent to the underworld, we consider with intent and conscious knowing what it is that we need to release, what is dying around us, what has overstayed its welcome and even those things that we must endure out of our control that create losses and collapse, something on the other side is waiting to be born so, take this time to fall into the sinking arms of death and allow it to fill you with magic and inspiration. Allow yourself to become the darkness and cover yourself within its silence while you just lay there still and peaceful. Don’t resist it, even if it causes worry, concern, panic and fear. Surrender to it and let it carry away all of those fears as they too die with the earth as she enters this very same transition for what follows could be something incredible!


The female womb is now in the waning period. The period which marks the gradual end of the harvest where what is left start to wither and die back to the ground. Whatever seeds remain are what start preparing for germination (Sagittarius to follow) There will always be seeds that remain. What you intend for these seeds comes from the deepest parts within you. This is the time now to surrender and become introspective and reflective on everything around you. When you slow down enough and go within, you deepen your senses and perception and your intuitive nature awakens. This insight is a magical gift that allows you to consider what is to come. Scorpio is the ruler of the genitals. She is the sexual energy creator and the priestess that harnesses sexual creative energy in preparation for the reproduction harvest. Whatever is to birth between now and spring starts with Scorpio as she is the maternal womb and creator of all that follows. She is deeply sensual and in the dark corners of the blanketed underworld she embodies you with all the mystery and magic that ignites within you. Stay home and be still. Practice Yin yoga and move slowly with intention and care for yourself. Eat soft, deep, enriching foods that will nourish you and keep you warm. Sleep as long as you can and breath as deeply as you can. Use warming, sensual oils such as patchouli, jasmine and frankincense.


Can you go too deep? I suppose it depends on how much you have to release and how much you are about to bring forth. With Scorpio, there is always the fear of too much. It is easy and very tempting to get lost in the depths of her watery emotional layers where dark comfort swiftly turns into deceit and twisty bewitching entanglement that’s difficult to release yourself from and when you do, the damage of the sting maybe too much to bounce back from. Maybe the best way to fall in to this season is by setting intentions but not overthinking or questioning. There’s time for that in the season to come. This is the time to just surrender

This year in particular, we see the forward movements of Saturn and Jupiter and with all that we have collectively experienced, this Scorpio season will mark the end of a lot of the trauma that we have endured but, with that ending may come a lot of collective fear, anger, resentment and confusion. All of these fears need to get put in to the proverbial womb of death and must be transmuted in to something positive in order for us to head towards a collective rebirth because otherwise, the periods to follow what collapses this autumn might be too difficult for many to address. With Saturn in forward motion, all that is unfolding throughout Scorpio season will need us to handle the situation with maturity and respect for others otherwise the expansive influence of Jupiter might make the situation spiral in to chaos for those that cannot handle their own emotions and / or end up feeling out of control with negative vices such as jealously, rage, bitterness and blame. It is time to take accountability and simply focus on what you can change which is only ever WITHIN YOU and let the external unfold without adding fuel to the fire. What needs to unfold will unfold, whether you exacerbate it or not. DO NOT fear. Go quietly within


Bridge Building – The importance of learning to find neutrality. How to transform judgement. Why finding SELF is crucial right now

Reading time approx (20-25 mins)

I am what you call a bridge builder. I work in healthcare as you may already know from my posts on here and on our FORTIS ONE HEALTH site, a project that is dedicated to ONE HEALTH, a triad healthcare principle that interconnects modalities across Human, Animal and Eco sectors combined. This project considers research, practice and development in both conventional and alternative interfaces and looks at how we can progress to merging and blending both principles to form a union that offers suitable healthcare dynamics and options to anyone and everyone in the safest, sustainable and result oriented way possible. This is what bridge building is.

Yesterday, I was made aware of a conversation on LBC yesterday by Shelagh Fogarty, link to a portion of said interview here:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6708vmP1j8&t=5s. The interview proceeded to not so much discuss as entirely disregard the portion of the population that are either adamant or reluctant for whatever blessed reason to vaccinate themselves for this covid situation. Before I continue, I will state clearly, I am neither pro or anti vax. I do not have an enthusiastic stance on either side of the fence with this topic. Much like everything else I partake in I stand centered between both sides in the middle of the proverbial bridge if you like. So, the conversation , labelled a debate was in no way a debate at all as it entirely shut down anyone that choses for, as I say, whatever reason to decline or put haste on vaccine and rather than look at why and consider each and every persons individual reasons behind their choices, these individuals have opened a box labelled ANTI-VAXX and dumped every single person declining or resisting the V in to it. No questions or considerations, just THERE’S YOUR LABEL, LETS THROW YOU IN!

She asks the woman who she is interviewing, presumably someone that works in a care home that is employed alongside vax reluctant individuals, how she copes working along side these people without wanting to POISON THEIR COFFEE. To which the interviewee states that she can’t understand their choices either as they are actually really good carers but claims they ‘can’t be bothered to get it’ as a reason behind their reluctance, which she then states is SELFISH. Fogarty then says to the interviewee ‘Yes but you’re a sane, well-adjusted, compassionate human being’ assuming that those that choose not to take the V are not. So, this is a conversation between 2 people that have just okay-ed poisoning another’s coffee yet in the same breath have declared themselves sane, well adjusted and compassionate. To me that seems more like incitement to murder and is direct hate speech whilst pushing a one sided, misjudged and poorly informed narrative based on fear and mass shaming. Lets dive in¬


First and foremost, your health is and always should be a PRIVATE and PERSONAL matter for you and you alone to be aware of. You should never be forced in to a situation where you need to divulge personal information pertaining to your health to the mass collective of your work colleagues. In companies, HR divisions exist for situations such as these so it could be said that where is is a requisite, that is confidential between that division manager and yourself. NO ONE in your work environment need to know your vaccine history or any other element of your medical history END OF DISCUSSION! It is not open for public debate it is a confidential matter. If you are ever uncomfortable about sharing such information, please know that you have every right to keep it to yourself or decline to answer and no one should be asking if you have or have not had the V for it is none of their business.

I can’t say I understand why everyone is seemingly so obsessed with wanting to know the status of everyone’s V status. It seems psychologically disturbing that we’ve gone from spending a good few years battling away for GDPR, of which I personally have spent painfully long hours going through legal documents and adhering to all compliance regulations for the rights for our personal information protection to then completely disregard it because of a virus that has instilled the living fear in most people. I have had friends on wattsap groups message photos of their certificates and ask HAVE YOU ALL HAD YOURS? Like its a badge of honor and they are so proud to be playing their part so they really cannot get the side of those that don’t want to play the game and have their reservations. I put out questions to friends I know will answer me honestly without wanting to poison my coffee (I may have had the V, I may not, that’s for me to know….) and asked them what they thought of those that are reluctant and they came back with the following common answers:

  • They’re loony conspiracy theorists that have no rational or logical understanding of whats going on
  • They’re selfish
  • They think we’re all getting chipped and it will kill them
  • It’s the fault of those unwilling to Vax as to why this isn’t going away

I asked them then if for a second, someone thought that something could kill them, how could their reluctance to have that put in their bodies therefore be deemed as selfish? – ‘Because it’s not just about them‘. So, surely isn’t it then selfish of you to expect someone that is uncomfortable putting a potentially harmful substance in their body for the sake of others selfish of you to expect them to? ‘No answer.’ I also asked then that surely, if you have had all your V’s then it shouldn’t make any difference to you whether those around you are vaccinated or not, much like the flu shot or any other so called preventative treatment? ANSWER: ‘No answer’

I asked them why they thought the conspiracy theorists we’re not rational and didn’t understand what was going on – ANSWER: ‘They seem to think they’re all going to get chipped or that the V is the mark of the beast. They don’t seem to see that there is a pandemic where people are dying and are oblivious to whats really going on.’ I then said that, from the other side of the coin, (and there are always 2 sides…Have you ever seen a one sided coin?) there are those that don’t see a mass pandemic and have looked and found that the statistics have been manipulated, distorted and altered to make it seem like the pandemic is worse that in is. Much like the ONE BIG BOX for the ANTI VAX category, there is also a ONE BIG BOX for the CONSPIRACY THEORISTS, because of course we have to have everyone categorized because that’s what humans do! Round each other up and get the labels out…. Those in that category are

  1. Anyone that challenges the mainstream (one and only) narrative
  2. Anyone that is a researcher / thinks outside the box / has seen or heard alternative data, thesis, evidence based on independent information that challenges the mainstream perspective
  3. Anyone that thinks for themselves (My fave)

One of my friends who like me is neutral, was about to go for his vax but then didn’t feel right about it. When I asked him why not, his response was (in text) “Vaccinate the vulnerable, then freedom” has morphed into “we must punish anyone who still hasn’t been vaccinated” and if anything people are getting more enthusiastic about it. Incredibly sinister.’ – I can’t say hes wrong….

Lets call every corporate the mainstream, because they are, right. Corporates cover all sectors and industries of our entire existence. For those unaware, they cover Banking, Pharma, Education, Food, Sports + Entertainment, Travel, Science and Tech, Politics and the one right now that’s really going for it…..MEDIA! You cannot escape them, you might even think you love them but once you get how they work, you might change your mind. (FYI in today’s media, the headline in one of the papers is a photograph of Princess Diana with her 2 boys and the slogun: “BBC LIES DESTROYED OUR MUM” and online there is wildfire being blown about by the latest allegations from Harry regarding the Royals. I can see why this is happening though. There is the other side of the coin where those that only read the MSM lurk and won’t see why this is being put out there, They won’t put 2+2 together and QUESTION why this is being said and will continue to dote on what the BBC and the rest of the media tell them. Having said that, the other side of the coin also have a big box that they throw everyone in that doesn’t align with them. Their box is called SHEEPLE / KAREN’S / NORMIES (they use a few more adjectives as they seem to be more diverse with their opinions and theories)

I have worked as mentioned above, in both Corporate and independent Veterinary and Healthcare since 2014. I have deep dived in to all the hidden corners and nooks and crannies or the corporate world I work in. I know who owns the corproate vet companies and what their agendas are and it is due to this that in 2018/2019 we made a firm, integral choice to start to include and ‘normalize’ the independent and alternative sectors as there was a HUGE imbalance that was desperately toxic, shockingly deceptive and was misinforming people about their own healthcare and the healthcare of their pets. I could talk about this all day long but, let it be said, that for those that are standing there shouting’ I WILL LISTEN TO THE SCIENCE. I WILL LISTEN TO THE DOCTORS‘ please know, the rise in numbers even before this crisis started with professionals coming forward against the corporates for their BLATANT MISINFORMATION and PROVEN historical track record of negligence, especially in animal healthcare has been enormous. There are many many people walking away from the tyranny heartbroken for what has occurred and their inability to change the system and there are many that have set up in alt practice away from the stranglehold of corporate so that they can work with integrity and peace and do what they can to push forwards. Sadly though, there are those that know too well that this damage is occurring and are very handsomely being paid off to stay quiet and push forward the agenda, those that wish they could speak out but risk their positions and then there are those that are so brainwashed and manipulated through mainstream education that they don’t even see there is a problem with the system at all. Yes, these people with degrees in the most high end professions often are sadly, the ones that are the most die hard corporate minions. That is when you know the system did a real good job on them. They can’t for love nor money even see the system is the problem.

So thanks to the DOMINANCE of corporate living and it is everywhere, don’t kid yourself, every PROGRAM you watch has been PROGRAMMING you good and proper to not challenge or ask questions and that is why we have this division right now between those that conform without asking why and those that resist because they ask why. While I’m on the topic, one of my favorite things to bring up to get people to see from a creative view point is through music. I grew up in the 80′ and was a teen in the 90’s, which as far as I am concerned is the be all for musical power. We had the most powerful music being pushed from RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE (I mean, come on!) to some serious political protest bands ie, Public Enemy( fight the power), the Cranberries, Manic Street Prachers( IF YOU TOLERATE THIS THEN YOUR CHILDREN WILL BE NEXT), Metallica (ONE) (What is democracy?…, Faithless (WE COME ONE), (Lots of referencing to Oneness and unity….) So, WHEN WILL WE LEARN? The answer to that is, when you recognize that, the enemy is not the devil, but lack of knowledge about SELF! I will leave the musical tangent with my all time favorite power song albeit from 2007 not 90’s, and I urge you to pay close attention to the lyrics:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBjQ9tuuTJQ FOO FIGHTERS THE PRETENDER – WHO ARE YOU? SO, WHO ARE YOU? Figure it out….. Again, I stand in the middle and I see from both sides, and neither is at fault or to blame for fault and blame do not exist. They are illusions that trap you in this false sense of duality and unless you have done your inner work and learnt the lessons, you will fall on either side until you realize that there is no such thing as a side, there just is…..ONENESS…..And so it is.

I have also noticed MANY Non vaxxers displaying fear against the vaxxed regarding shedding and where women are concerned, there is discussions about the possibilities of uteral shedding and prolapses and actually high incidents of strange menstruation reports. I can vouch for this I have experienced strange periods myself since March 2020 but I am not about to start blaming the vaxxed for anything that could be the cause of this and I have my suspicions about what is causing it and its not to do with the walking vaxxed at all it’s much more ‘planetary’. The judgement seems to be coming from both sides. Back and forth, back and forth. Gotta blame someone right? Again, please see above…Protest music and creative encouragement towards unity wasn’t put out there for nothing. Step out of your comfort zones and face reality! Learn about yourself. You will be supported. We’re all in this together!

So for the sake of those that cannot see why another would resist the vaccine and want to wait. Rather than call them selfish, insane or incompassionate beings that should have their coffee poisoned, maybe you could realize that that very statement itself is a huge judgement. One only makes a judgement when one is threatened, misinformed or coming from a place of imbalance or all of the above. When you are balanced, you wouldn’t make a judgement. You would just be neutral. I have plenty of friends that are vaxxed that have no problem with the ones that aren’t and vice versa it is a personal choice.

So, my own little story to tie it all together: (Approx A 7 MIN READ of skip to THE FUTURE…)

When I was 4 yrs old, my brother was born so I must have been around 4.5 / 5 yrs old when we went to our family doctors, Dr Sheard, who’s daughter Anna was in my class at school. I watched Dr Sheard give my brother his boosters. I can remember what the whole room looked like, the waiting room, the chair, the positon we were all sat in and I watched and thought, ‘That does not look fun!’ and he cried and I wanted to go home and I can remember wondering why the hell my mum had brought us to that room and what was happening and then it was my turn and I was beside myself. I was horrified. I remember really resenting my mum for making me go there and I remember questioning what was in it, what it was for, why did we need it etc. This questioning stuck with me. I was no more than 5. I then started questioning E numbers. I was a young child, where had I heard of E numbers? But I had and I remember taking my pocket money to the shop to buy a mint aero and looking at how many e numbers were on the back of the wrapper I didn’t want to eat the thing because I was so sure it was going to kill me. CANCER was a massive thing for me even by aged 10 I was worried about death, illness etc and I had many nervous encounters where I would break down and imagine my family dying because of bad things in our food and I developed various eating disorders because of this. Not going to lie at the same time kids are kids, I ate sweets but the worry was still there. I visited my grandparents more often than not in hospital rather than in their home or so it seemed at least so illness and disease were a common feature and I was not comfortable with it being so. Then I went to boarding school and around twice a yr we’d get the notice that vaccination week was upon us and for the week leading up to that day I would literally crap my pants and each day closer more so until the day came and it was shivering at the back of the queue with a girl called Charlotte who also like me, had a strong disagreement with what was going on. we were known to kick and scream and needed to be pinned down but everyone else would just go in and out like it was nothing to them. I couldn’t get why 28 out of the 30 of us found it a breeze but me and poor Charlotte were dealing with severe trauma around this. The same with meals. I get it, I was in boarding school so they had to ensure I ate something as it was all I got but, I have never eaten meat and the thought of putting greasy, fatty pork with bits of hair in my mouth was beyond horrendous. I couldn’t do it. Every fish Friday I would pull they old ‘choked on a fish bone’ card to be excused from lunch or try to throw it under the table or on to someone else’s plate but 9 times out of 10 my friends would all be let out to play and I would be forced to sit and eat in solitude. This scarred me so much I had major trauma from this and the name calling got pretty bad. I was very thin and pale. A sickly looking child and was nicknamed alien features, 5 head or the anaemic bone by my beloved friends. I have a sense of humor at least but, vibrationally, I never have been OK with eating meat and I don’t really think I ever will be. I have bits and pieces but could very well do without and I have huge guilt around issues with food also because of my developmental years so, when someone tries to push something on you that you do not want, PLEASE DO NOT EVER play the selfish card, or call them non-compassionate or insane without knowing and understanding why they don’t align with your belief. If you do this YOU are the selfish one plain and simple.

My entire life I have been a naturalist. When I had my first child in 2009 and I entered my 30’s even more so and I am now 42. I may have dabbled with rec drugs in my youth but not to any level more than trying and going ok, no that was fun but that’s not for me. It was almost like the toxic, dark demonic stuff like drugs and alcohol needed to be sampled for me to very clearly go NO THANKS that’s not my vibe. I haven’t touched alcohol in any form for years now. My friends think I am weird. I think that they are, but on a personal level, it does nothing for me and the more and more in touch with nature I become the more any of that artificial, toxic stuff has absolutely no place in my life whatsoever.

If you saw my mum’s med cabinet you would be STUNNED! Or maybe not as it seems normies are all pharma clients in a big way… She is literally running a chemist from her little 2 bed house that since my dad died she has lived in alone and her health since 2020 has drastically declined. She takes meds for anything and everything and is one of the biggest druggies going. Her doctors, the biggest dealers in town! I am prone to migraines. It is hard to treat them naturally although I do because I have now got to the point that I feel vibrationally uncomfortable even taking an ibuprofen so I treat with salt baths, peppermint oil, ice therapy on the back of my neck, reflexology, lots of water rest and if I can get in, acupuncture. My mother cannot understand why I wouldn’t just pop pills. Looking over my enitre life history track record, its very easy to see why. All the years I have gone to the doctors with debilitating health related anxiety and I know I say healthcare can and should be kept private I am only sharing this to be clear about my points here, but my doctors could tell you straight up that all the years they have offered me meds, I have rejected in favor of seeking out natural holistic alternatives that work. I had both my babies entirely med free because It didn’t feel right to have any ‘intervention’ and guess what, the human body does what it is born to do and it birthed both my babies with no issues at all. I understand this is not always the case I get that conventional medicine has its place I work in that sector too and I have had 2 surgeries that have been successful because of it but where ever I can chose my lifestyle aligns to exist as naturally as possible. It has taken me 8 years of formal studying, trial and error and an invested lifestyle change to not necessarily see the difference but to ‘feel’ the difference, the difference being UNAFRAID. I have NO FEAR any more. Funny that the year my fear and long term health related anxieties all went away were the same year a global pandemic hit and I am not afraid one bit of dying from this virus. As soon as I let go of the fear surrounding all and any of the health related baggage I have carried ALL MY LIFE since that appointment with my brother at 5 yrs old, I have now entered in to a place of neutrality and peace. 37 years that took. A lot of my life has been spent in counselling, self torment, generally being labelled misunderstood and the obvious black sheep because I dared to question things and see things from a different perspective and now we are living in these times where according to the masses, unless we all walk down the same single road in single file with our sleeves rolled up we’re selfish soulless conspiracy theorists with no compassion for others. Heart breaking that its come to this! I’ve worked so so damn hard to battle my demons that are the very demons everyone is now suggesting I should take for the sake of everyone else’s safety. Who’s thinking of my god damn safety?


We have spoken for years about mental health and how we never know the battles that others are suffering so not to pass judgement. I say this with huge compassion but, those that are aligning with the words of Shelagh Fogarty and who believe that even against our wills those of us that do not wish for a vaccine should be vaxxed for the sake of others YOU REALLY HAVE WORK TO DO! Deep deep inner work. We do not live in a Universe anymore. Did we ever? We live in a multiverse and we are multi dimensional beings where everything exists on a multilayered playing field. There is NO one size fits all or no one pill fixes all. That is where we have gone VERY VERY wrong! That is what THIS is ALL about! Can you not see that? It doesn’t work. It is what we are breaking down! We are in the very early stages of the biggest paradigm shift ever and every one of us has a choice to make. I guess that choice in its simplest terms is which master do you chose to serve, Not really anything simple about it but its something that needs to be questioned and in doing so, you have to look at every angle, past, present and future and all perspectives in between or you won’t find truth. What is truth? GOD. Purity, redemption, forgiveness….EVERY ONE OF US needs to learn however they will learn that judgement, blame, division, hate, fear and all that bullshit is on the way out. We need to release it now or the future will not be fun for those that can not.

So to sign this off, I really want to remind you all, whichever side of the fence you’re on that, firstly, EVERYTHING IS ENERGY Be careful with your energy exchanges, This goes for what you put in your body, food, drugs, alcohol, sex, it all carries a ‘currency’ that either lowers or heightens your vibration. What I am experiencing right now, the point I am at right now due to years of CONSCIOUS CLEANSING and mindful life choices is that I can no longer lie. If you haven’t seen the movie KNIVES OUT its defo worth a watch! The girl in it that’s a suspect AND witness physically vomits when she tells a lie. I get that! I have to live authentically to myself or else I can now literally feel my vibe drop and it is not good! It is no joke when I tell you that thanks to the conscious practice of living this way, seeing is believing becomes believing is seeing and faith gives you visions you could never have seen before. The things I have seen and felt over the last few years has restored my faith in humanity beyond words and that only came when I attempted to leave behind judgement and place myself in a position of neutrality. HAVE FAITH! And also, last but my no means least, recognizing your own power…HUMANS ARE AMAZING. Don’t forget that. You can literally shift yourself out of any state by look at things as lessons. If you’re ever in a position of fear, confusion, pain, hurt, anger, regret etc, stop and think about what is occurring and what lessons need to be learnt in order to transmute the energy from that so it doesn’t leave you unhealed. You’ll only have to come back to it later otherwise. As soon as you can recognize how powerful we are and that we can heal ourselves, we can save ourselves, we evolve. THIS is the entire point! No-one is coming to save us except ourselves. For the last 2 years now I have repeated the phrase GO WITHIN – The only way out is in. I am not joking. Shelagh Fogarty bless her may lose her job due to the backlash of these comments. I do hope she does because anyone in public domains need to measure their words carefully or get out but on the other hand, I feel for her because she is the epitome of a lost soul that is regurgitating trauma and is stuck in a wounded cycle because of what trash she puts out there….its like a karmic boomerang. Send out snarly shit and that shits going to come smack you right back in the face until you learn the lesson….

And so it is…..It’s 11pm now and my sister in law is coming up from London tomorrow for some fresh field air and cuddles…You know, now we’re allowed! haha. Think for yourselves people. Switch off the box and ignore the lunacy in the external world. The inside world is full of magic and wonder, and you can create whatever you so desire without restrictions or limitations. You are the creative master of your reality. How you do that is up to you…The choice is yours




Sun and Moon in Leo, in the sign of love. Heart energy pouring out heat, passion, romance and joy strongly incoming throughout Leo season.

Did you know, that Queen Elizabeth’s Moon sign in in Leo. Strong feelings of Sovereignty and developing the sovereign self – Learn to be independent. Do it yourself. Stop relying on others to do things for you and step up and take accountability. Create your own life based on autonomous purpose and sovereign charge. Explore your own ways using your own resources. If you get stuck, ask for help with grace and gratitude, like a Queen.

Only when you have done the best you can with the resources available can you lay any dissatisfaction on the outcome because only you can be accountable for your own disappointment. It is never anyone else’s fault if you have tried your best!



Taurus – Body, Resources, Earth, Abundance, Pleasure, Currency

Uranus – Transformation, Tech, Electricity, Rebellion, Future

Mars – War, Action, Construction / Destruction, Independence, Initiation, Commencement

Nature has been surely amplifying recently. Slowly but surely and for those that have been following my bearandluna personal insta where I upload family stuff, you might know that my poor husband has been driven mad by the cicadas here in our back garden to the point he has taken to some very creative measures ie launching of milk bottles via a fishing rod in to tree tops to get them to shut up…Nature is making herself heard and is becoming louder, stronger and much more noticeable. This upgrading of the earths system and resources are next level, to the point that our own bodies are also upgrading to adjust to these shifts, so we may feel uncomfortable as we navigate some necessary changes physically. With Leo represented by the Sun however, there is so much strength and light coming in to power us up. Taurus is grounding, healing and soft whereas Leo is relentless and will push hard to make power shifts complete in as much a loving way as possible. One interesting thing to consider with Taurus, Uranus and the North node conjunction is the possible focus on our energetic resources. The North node currently in Taurus and will be until July 2023 and since it entered in to this position in January 2022 we have had a huge focus as predicted on our resources, food, oil, electricity, gas prices trade and commerce etc. These fall under Taurus as she represents the bread basket, the growth of crop, use of earthly materials and how we supply and trade resources. On the South Node in Scorpio we see the other side of that focus being highlighted on the cost of these resources, where our money is going and how it is being spent as Scorpio represents finance, currency and power and the light is being shone on the underworld and all the unjust dealings that are occurring with our gains and earthly possession’s. Again, since this nodal shift in January, all of what I have mentioned above has been the entire theme on the world stage / political Media stage etc and don’t we know it.  Quite possibly however, with the Taurus North node Uranus conjunction, we might get to see the possible swift effects of new tech, quick changing solutions and energetic upgrades regarding these resource systems as Uranus is electric. It is shock response, transformational, lightening speed revolutionary action and can blast off in the blink of an eye. I rather love Uranus and have a big connection to the energy that it beings. This yr has seen a a lot of Uranian effects with the planes grounding, GPS crashes and so on. I have spoken about this more end of last yr beginning of this yr in fact it was my first ever podcast called, obviously and aptly, PILOT and the earthquakes that kicked off during heavy Uranian transits here (we have had 4, 1 pretty big one) so yes, these 3 in conjunction can cause some dynamite especially under the influence of fiery Leo that is fixed and insistent and won’t take no for an answer! Could be interesting!

Tech is also going to be a big focus! Incoming….Uranus is going to be square to Mercury, the planet of communication and the messenger between worlds. Given the incoming energies of the grand trine conjunction above as mentioned, please note that they will be creating the path for the future tech advances and altering systems for us and although we may not notice yet on a conscious level the direct understanding of those energies as they pass though, we will feel the effects on a subconscious level and once those energies grow stronger throughout next year, especially from March onwards when Pluto moves direct into Aquarius, we will then be much clearer about what those energies mean and so with mercury, this gives us the chance to start to think about what it is that we will accept from these new technological advancements because although there will be wonderful developments, there will also be some scary stuff that we will need to be able to understand and identify so our ability to decipher information, talk about and research these topics wisely and listen carefully to those that can guide you if you are not sure what they might mean because with tech and multiverse energies coming in from places we have not ever been used to vibing with, it can be misleading and quite frankly quite terrifying if you do not know what we’re dealing with. A lot of these energies require you to have quite an open mind and a mind that is controlled by YOU otherwise you might find someone or something else jumping in to do the steering for you FYI….PAY CLOSE ATTENTION but don’t be afraid, there are lots of beautiful energies if you can filter through the vibrations cleverly enough!

The beauty of Taurus is that being the most stubborn sign of the zodiac, she will dig her heels in and get her own way without giving up or exhausting herself. She will power through without allowing anyone to bully her in to submission. And with the support of the loyal, fiery energy of Leo to assist, this is power to the people while Uranus helps us to collapse the central systems and create new ones of our own.

Now is the time to stand together and unite. We are building the future. Connect with community. Recreate your networks and help each other through tough times as tough they may be indeed. Possible food shortages, power outages and resource crisis reaching climax chaos can be a scary place to be but, we must embrace the chaos and work together though it all with optimism, gratitude and the vision for what our world might look like at the end of the rainbow because

No rain – No rainbows!

Also, Just a quick glance over something that has hit the headlines this week.



Let’s have a look at what Centaurus is and why do they always focus their variants on Greek Mythology and etymology? If you don’t know that this is the case, please research Omega and Omicron for further understanding


Centaurus is a constellation located in the southern hemisphere. It is one of the largest constellations and represents the centaur half man half horse in Greek mythology. It represents Chiron (my Chiron is in Taurus and is the wounded healer) and it belongs to the Hercules family of constellations. Cen means 100, cent and centum. 100%. Taurus; The Latin word for Bull. 100% Bull. Now take this as you will. 100% Taurus could speak of the magnificently strong and undeniable Taurus energies that I speak of above or it could mean that this new variant that has apparently made headlines in order to help collapse the old as is the case and point is 100% BULL and a stark reminder from our stars with humour of course to remind us not to take the messages put out to the masses via mind control media too seriously! Discernment people! Think for yourselves!


A peek behind the curtain of the Emerald City

Corona Borealis


I am taking this moment to firstly say 2 things:

  1. These PodRambles are unscripted, unstructured and are just me living in the moment saying whatever unfiltered feeling comes in to my head and out of my mouth. In discussing theories and scenarios of illusion and fantasy / fiction etc I want to make pertinent the need to not take life too seriously. We are here to have fun right? So while the topic may seem somewhat heavy at times and might invoke feelings of wtf or confusion, I am sending them out in to the world with the lightest of heart and the deepest of love so pls, save your judgement for yourself if you feel the need to cast any here…
  2. I am officially, as of today, on path to creating my WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Self discovery series where I am going to deep dive in to all areas of the soul, psyche, underworld, overworld and all the angles in between. This is going to be crafted to be made available to anyone and everyone so will be written in a way that will hopefully be comprehensible for a mere coconut cracking beginner but also expansive and vast enough to be enjoyed by those who are well underway on their journey of self discovery. The content will include a lot to do with Spiritual Psychology, depth and transpersonal Psychology, Neuropsychology and Biology, Quantum Physics, Philosophy, Theology and also Astrological / Astronomical reference so there is a very wide range of topic to consider…You see, you are more than the limited self you think you are!

MORE ON THAT TO FOLLOW and it is very exciting so as I go in the construct of the work I hope to present to you shortly, please take a listen to some of the pods I am sharing that will hopefully provide you with some triggering insight in to what the WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE series will discuss and if anything will provide you with some thought provoking entertainment from yours truly.

With anything and pretty much everything I post, take what you like, leave what you don’t. I at no point claim to have the answers and am not sharing opinion, I am sharing insight. Make of it what you will…

Love always with a hint of crazy, a layer of darkness and a beaming of corona light (The sun kind not the drink)


What is fact and what is fiction?

What is real if anything at all?


This PODCAST is an intro look in to my theories that all that we SEE in this realm is illusory and that the line between fact and fiction is, if not almost invisible, it is incredibly blurred

In an age where we are blasted information left, right and I would like to say centre but that I don’t feel is truth, we are fed so much mistruth and deceit it is almost impossible to know what is real. The beauty of this however, is that when there is so many lies, whispered or screamed, the only voice you tend to start to hear that speaks the truth is your own. If you can stand in the centre of all the noise and madness and be the calm within the storm, you will find peace

So this rambling by yours truly is a 2 parter that I have combined together as it follows suit and gives a detailed introduction in to the world of fiction, how it has been created, who rules it and why it is SO important (contrary to what everyone else is saying) to LOVE the fiction. Listen to it if you like, read it, soak in all the vibes and feels and let your imagination wander but……Understand that it is all part of this grand illusion so whatever pieces of it you take as fact that will mould your basis of reality, your ethics, your purpose, your soul fulfilment, have them be the pieces that resonate with your heart and soul and that help you create YOU and your kingdom in the deepest, dreamiest and most meaningful ways possible


Hi, I have not been on here for a while so thought I would share some updates as to what is going on and where I am heading energy wise on this site and my others. It’s been a busy year so far and I no longer wish to give energy away to places or projects that no longer serve so I am just providing a quick update on audio so that you can isten to a voice note from me to you!

Hope you are all well!


Begs the question – What to believe?

Quick post – one of my morning thought bubbles before I went for our morning swim….

Everyone has their own theory about what’s going on in the world right now. Or what has always been and always will be, right? And were are all different so those it seems that judge those that hold different beliefs to you is such an easy thing to do. Take for instance, I have been married to my husband for 15 years. Only in the last 4 years of those 15 have I discovered in myself that I hold rather psychic tendencies and throughout this journey of discovery I have seen clear insights and received strong intuitive guidance from myself that the way the world works is not how I always considered. I had always been ‘led to believe’ (what a cracking saying) that God and Jesus christ were real. Then all of a sudden, my own voice in my head whispered one day ‘don’t give your power away’ and I started to see that those leading the church, establishment, society, laws etc were as corrupt as the day is long and I no longer ‘felt comfortable’ dedicating my mind space, heart space or time to something that not only did I not believe in, I felt it was designed purposefully to lead us astray from something more divine and holy. What could that be and why would we be lead astray were the questions I had in my mind at the time I was beginning this journey? 

I shared a lot with my husband who isn’t always the easiest to talk to as he is quite black and white on an emotional level and is more of a practical doer than a talker and feeler. That said, I’m not judging im just saying we’re different and although we are and at times I’m sure he thinks I’m stark raving mad because of how out there and open I am, he is my best friend and most trusted person to talk to and I know he has my back. However, when I discuss certain things of this nature with him, I can see he gets uncomfortable. Perhaps because he isn’t quite as ready as me to open the lid on a rabbit hole full of life altering theories and perhaps because he doesn’t understand in the same way I am coming to. But when I say to him, I have seen the future through a thought in my mind, he might say to me ‘don’t be ridiculous how on earth can you be sure?’ And ill say ‘because I believe’ and he’ll say ‘and on what grounds can you lay this belief? Where are the facts? Wheres the evidence?’ And ill say ‘oh much like the facts and evidence of the god and person that died for us on a cross some place that we have zero proof of, yet we all fell hook line and sinker for the story line created for us by someone else and we were told YOU JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE! and hey, we all did!’ Until now where I’m tired of believing someone else’s fictional story that given what I’ve seen in my minds eye and I trust my mind more than anything else, I’m not believing for a second more.

So I ask him, how can you believe blindly in something someone else is selling you without any proof or fact? That apparently you can only see and experience after death. How are you suspicious about what it is that my mind sees but you’re totally comfortable with this highly nefarious fairy tale? Is it because you’re afraid to admit you’ve been lied to? Is it because you are afraid that you’ll go to hell for not believing (I mean that blackmail attached to their story is pure evil its a huge red flag for me) or is it because whats in my minds eye could possibly be true but it means that you have to leave behind all attachments, notions, comforts etc in order to become sovereign, which of course is the ultimate but is of course the most terrifying. 

But you see, we are all asked to ‘believe’ . And our level of belief varies according to our level of awareness of the internal and external world. The deeper we go inside ourselves, the more we see the lies we’ve been told that keep us trapped in a false reality. I can no longer believe in these things. I don’t know what reality is anymore. I’m creating it as I go along in a world that is stripped bare. I won’t judge those that still believe in fairy tales. I will hold space for them to find out their own truth and will shine the torch for them when they lift that lid and likewise I hope that others don’t judge me for having walked away from a word filled with lies and deceit. 

What is belief? It is the faith we all hold in each other. Regardless of anything else. There is no saviour or guy on a cloud or gods from times before coming back to save us. WE are our own saviours and I believe in that 100% so even when you don’t and until you do, I have faith IN YOU! YOU are real. You are why I am here. You are me and I am you, guiding you home 

Anyway, a little video on insta from our morning swim today! As stated in the caption, a reminder of the importance to balance all the elements and ground barefoot on the rock and soil, swim in the sea like the mermaid you are, breathe in the air and move your arms like a bird that can fly and exhale the fire within you so that one day you might be able to reach the stars in heaven



With so many questioning our reality right now, I am taking a deep dive as to why and am looking at our minds and how they process information that forms our realities.

How these current Pisces energies are influencing our emotions, encouraging us to flow in to new states of brain waves, deep dive in to the limitless waters without boundaries or restrictions and explore our deeper subconscious. How transmuting our subconscious in to something conscious through dream states can really show us a new side to ‘what is really happening’ in our internal and external realities and how the influence of Neptune and the expansive manifestation of Jupiter can enhance our illusions and get us to question ‘what is real’ – Is anything real? Am I real?

Questions Questions Questions….

Fact is fiction, fiction is fact….Inversions are everywhere!

And then what?

In order to find out, light a candle, put on some dreamy music and dare to drift away in to the depths of your mind and see what you can find…The truth might surprise you!


Part 1 looked at the current cosmological energies and how they are influencing us and encouraging us to fall in to our deeper minds and bring forwards what has been locked in the back for so long.

This looks at

  1. What creative energy truly is and where it comes from
  2. What sexual energy truly is and where it comes from
  3. The left and right hemispheres of our brains and what they represent
  4. Finding neutrality in times of turmoil and how these times actually encourage is to seek balance
  5. What is fact, what is fiction
  6. Tartaria – Our hidden Histories and whether they were ever real or not
  7. Why should real or not even matter
  8. The messages and the magic is what is important
  9. Dreams and how our dream states can help us to awaken in to deeper states of awakened conscious reality

Ah, the great awakening is upon us!

Don’t fight it, fall in to it and enjoy the experience!


There is a lot to say about this. It’s not just because of one thing and it’s not often that straight forward but, in its simplest sense, we give our power away far too often and this truly limits out capacity for growth and understanding of ourselves in a deeper way.

I’m going to start with something that I am sure we can all connect with.


How often have you thought, ‘I wish I had her hair’ or ‘I wish I had her legs, abs, clothes, job, boyfriend, kitchen, car, smile’…WHATEVER the thing may be, we always look at the parts we admire from other people and wish we could re-create ourselves with all of those parts, so discontented with the parts of ourselves that perhaps others see and wish they could add to them.

We don’t like ourselves. We’re our own worst enemies and harshest critiques. I get it, we have to live with ourselves and there’s a lot about life that’s strange and odd so often we notice the oddities about ourselves and have a deeper view of those things or the ugly things, annoying things etc that more so than anyone else does, we pick on ourselves and put ourselves down not realizing that EVERYONE has the odd things and ugly things, we just don’t see it in them because people chose to highlight what they want others to see about them. It’s the great facade, The show and tell, the X-factor.

That pretty girl with the gorgeous boyfriend and great hair, sat dangling over her fancy chairs in her fancy kitchen is miles away from where you are. An unreachable reality that you can’t match because your kitchen is still splashed with 80’s decor and you haven’t washed your hair in 6 days, you can’t get a boyfriend and you might not like your looks much but, they are all small limiting projections that you falsely believe in because you’re constantly comparing yourself to others.


And that girl might be sat in her kitchen thinking ‘Fuck I am in a ton of debt just so that I could pay for all of this. My extensions hurt my scalp, my boyfriends a shit that’s full of ego and is sleeping with my best friend and I hope he doesn’t get too close because I had onions for lunch and my breath stinks to high heaven’ – See, we all have a view. A perspective that shapes our reality and often we chose to dis-empower ourselves falsely believing we are not good enough because we spend too much time comparing ourselves to others and reaching for goals that aren’t aligned with integrity and meaning.


Hands up if you’re guilty of spending time reading gossip mags or celebrity columns to check out who’s wearing what, going where, doing all the things? Everyone wants Jennifer Anistons hair and tiny figure, Isn’t Gwyneth such a healthy inspiration? Everyone wants their family to be just like Jessica Albas and how about all the WAGS and sports star arm candy, perfect at all times…Aagggh isn’t it exhausting having all these perfect people constantly shoved in our faces and down our throats. Everywhere you go there are these shining examples of these winning people that have it all and spend their time in constant demonstration of their success so that we may all aspire to be like them, and then isn’t it so sad when we realize that we’re nowhere close to owning a $17m mansion or having private jets and boat houses attached to holiday homes on Caribbean islands.

The thing is, they dangle these fake realities and seemingly unattainable lifestyles and most people hang their tongues out wishing that could be their life but if they really think about it and ask the bigger and more important questions such as,

  • How did they get the money to pay for this lifestyle?
  • What did they have to do to achieve this life?
  • Did it come from a place or integrity and honesty?
  • What do they look like without all the product, effort and money thrown at their style? ie, if they lived like the average Joe would you still want to look like them?
  • Are they nice people?
  • Do they have anything credible or honourable to offer that doesn’t come from EGO?
  • Who really are they?

Well, would they still want it? Knowing the price that’s often required to pay in return for such a life? Or might they see past the illusion and realize it’s all a trap. A way of keeping you dissatisfied and always seeking more. The perfect life. Or the perfect lie?


We CELEBRATE these people! Aren’t they wonderful?Aren’t they perfect? Aren’t I SHIT! Aaaagh except no you’re not shit you’re just focusing on the WRONG THING. By celebrating them, you’re giving your power away.

STARS – SHINING CELEBRITY STARS. They must have fallen from the heavens they’re so perfect. Ever heard of Lucifer? The morning star, the light of Venus, all things beautiful and desirable. The side of our light that tricks us in to dark ways.

We are ALL STARS! We come from the cosmos. We come from the universe. We are made of start dust. NOT JUST THEM but ALL of us. WE SHOULD ALL BE CELEBRATED and WE SHOULD ALL CELEBRATE OURSELVES.

The only time however, that we can celebrate ourselves is when we LOSE OUR EGO and FIND OURSELVES. The true version of ourselves that isn’t wrapped up in false pretenses or narratives. The true version of ourselves that comes from a higher place and that understands whats actually important in life. It isn’t what handbag someones sporting or what dress Meghan wore. Its deeper than that. And when you connect to that deeper side of yourself, you start to see that their shining light is FALSE LIGHT and that actually, you like yourself better and you’re quite happy being you with what little or lot you might have.

Sure, you can like someones hair, outfit, smile, stance, dig the way they walk but don’t let it put you down as they pedestal above you. NO!

This whole thing with INFLUENCERS has got to stop. INFLUENCING someone is such a derogatory term. Its persuasive, manipulative and is a form of trickery made to encourage the so called meek and mild to look up to the shining stars and worship them from below. Except, as above so below as spoken in the bible and in many books of prophecy and wisdom explain that the stars above mirror the stars below and below us exists another world reflective of the one we stand our ground on. So seeing the above and below puts YOU in a state of balance and neutrality. You become the shining star from above and the shining star from below right here on this plane and you are EQUAL to all things around you. When you know this, YOU ARE EMPOWERED!


Can we start to inspire and encourage others rather than influence them? All these celebrity influencers with 30M+ followers. Very much like the banks, those who CONTROL the control systems can easily punch in the digits they want. Kylie jenner, followers currently standing at 307 MILLION PEOPLE. Call me negative but to me that’s highly unrealistic and anyone believing these figures is insanely naive. The most followed woman on instagram because of wealth, status and erm….make up? But the message that is sends is that followers are what’s important. The views, likes and subscribes are what make the difference. And most people will follow celebrities because everyone else does and you don’t want to be the one that doesn’t follow the biggest account right? Don’t get me wrong, I publish work online so the more views it gets the better but I am not doing this for popularity, I am sending out my creative work in the hope to inspire and plant a seed that offers a different perspective to anyone that might come across it. If no one ever does then that’s all good because it came from me and that’s all I need. If no one ever followed me, that’s completely cool but be careful who you do follow. Most of the large accounts are owned and handled and you’re a slave for following them.

There is a huge difference between being a CREATOR and being an INFLUENCER. Anyone that believes themselves to be an ‘INFLUENCER’ is operating purely out of EGO and there is nothing beneficial or inspiring that can come from this energy field. Even if you are influencing someone to be healthy or fit, using this title is misaligned and sends the signal of superiority not equality. You should never try to be above someone else especially when offering them a service that deems to help them. Instead, those that are out there offering service to others should see themselves as inspirational encouragers or motivators. Results can only be successfully achieved from both sides (giver and receiver) if we come from a place of neutrality and equality. If you put yourself above someone else, you will make them feel weak and not want to work with you and if someone see’s themselves as weak they will not believe they can achieve the goals of those seemingly above them. It is ALL a mindset based on perspectives. You have to understand this and understand that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY in order to find a balance within yourself and with others. When you do this, you become the shining star that is happy with oneself and you have no need, want or desire to look to another to idolize with envy or desire. YOU need to be the person that is empowered enough. You are all that you need!

There are people I know that are physically stunning. They are what is collectively known to be great to look at but, their energy is so off and when you can master reading energy, that in itself is so off-putting that I could no longer see that person in the ‘same light’ Our Sexual energy is often so misrepresented and misused. We consider sex to be something ‘physical’ and therefore we consider physically attractive people to be the ones worthy of our sexual energies but that is so far from the truth. Often, they are energy vampires that harness our sexual energy for their own gratification (That I am sure might seem far out but if you want to find out more about this please look it up, it is truly a thing) and many people with these so-called good looks are placed here to tempt us away from our sacred energy. Our sexual energy is our most crucial life force energy. It is so sacred it is not to be given away and must be spared to be exchanged ONLY with those that match our energy on a spiritual level NOT just a physical level. If you only have sex for physical pleasure you are giving away your life force energy and depleting yourself of Qi or Vril. You need to learn to harness this energy in your root chakra then you will see how empowered you can be and one day, this power will give you full vision to look at those you once saw as ‘shining stars’ and see them for the soul sold vampires they really are. When you have those eyes to see, these people don’t look the same. You can see straight through them.

The movie STARDUST is a great example of this story. It represents firstly the embodiment that WE ARE STARS and that those portraying themselves as the ones that reign above us to be nothing but occult witchcraft tricksters that steal our energy force because without the pure light energy of the stars, they cannot exist. They have no creativity because they are so full of dense matter that they rely on energy from others to feed themselves.

Now, I am not claiming it to be absolute truth, but there is a lot of noise in the celebrity world that suggests they are in fact tied to dark forces and that they work for the ungodly overlords and there are a lot of disgraceful accusations said to have occured that link the majority of that network to networks operating child trafficing groups, drug gangs, porn industries, transgender societies and other occult underground activities that most would lose their minds about. Most, however don’t have a clue about these tales told and still look up to these stars with a gleam in their eyes unaware of the horrors and the fact they are giving away their essence in admiration of these soul demons. Take that as you will. I am merely passing on observations but to me, these claims hold some weight. You only need to look at the Epstein scandals and the Weinstein sagas to see that they’re all in bed together and it isn’t saintly or clean, it is full of repulsion and a clear sign they sold their soul to get to where they are today. Nothing shiny or pure about that yet most people still get wrapped up in the whole illusion thinking it is real. No, it’s not real. The truth is stranger than reality but that’s for you to figure out.

It is also represented heavily throughout our mythological backgrounds and our occult history that unless you take the time to investigate you may not know that a lot of our background individually and as a collective has been hijacked by these dark forces to keep us trapped in their lower density fields where their can circulate this perpetual cycle of dis-empowered soul destroying horror. Now, we don’t even just use stars and celebrities to spend our time in idolatry. We idolize each other. So unhappy with loving ourselves, anyone that has a supposed following or life worth acknowledging through filtered grids or glitz and glamour gets our attention, but please lets remember and I say this with the most grounded outlook and sense of good humor, even they fart, shit, pee, vomit, have morning breath, burp and sport bed hair from time to time. Perfection is a lie. It’s all a show! So you might as well be the best character on that stage and win the awards yourself because, as Shakespeare said, ‘The world is but a stage, and the people merely players’ DON’T BE PLAYED. BE EMPOWERED!

And on that I shall close

It is Feb 1st 2022. The 1st day of the new Lunar year in the Chinese zodiac. The year of the Tiger. The year where we all take our power back and turn the tables, flip the script and stand strong and united. Say no to the things we don’t believe are true or intended for the greater good. Call out the bullshit and the fake narratives, the false light and the trickster influencers. Be true to who YOU are! Authenticity is the best quality in a person and makes you a thousand times more beautiful that any pretty liar smiling sweet nothings and winking twinkling lies in your direction. Cast them out and send them back to where they came from.




MERCURY RETROGRADE: An opportunity to examine and re-evaluate what is coming up and how do we communicate it? How do we look at the scenes that are playing out now, our thoughts and feelings, our inner world and outer world and how the 2 work together to create a BIGGER PICTURE.


We live in a preconcieved world of ideals. We are taught to be scared of the dark. There is darkness in pain, misery, loss, grief, death, destruction, hate, anger, violence, narcissism, war …The list could go on. So because we don’t want to acknowledge these parts of us and the world around us, we never walk in to the darkness, instead we go through life with the lights on bright. Our light, fake light, false light, candle light any light we can get our eyes on so that we don’t have to sit in the dark and we never ever turn that light to the corners in fear of what we might find. But the external energy of the last 18 months has forced many of us to head in to those corners and retreat. The light decided to shine on parts of our lives whether we like it or not. We might have even tried to turn that light out and got furious when it wouldn’t dim. In some aspects it got even brighter and we were forced to see. Forced to witness the ugly truths of the world around us and how shattered we felt when we saw the lies, the pain, the relentless attacks being placed on us from every angle and how powerless we felt when we realized it was all our fault because we never saw it before and because we never saw it, we could never stop it from growing so big it got out of control.

The darkness has been so hidden. Out of sight out of mind. If we cannot see it it doesn’t exist. Except it does, because light and dark are of the same spectrum and you cannot have one without the other. You try to live your life avoiding all the things that cause trauma and pain but by dancing around it you’re feeding the darkness a deeper story. One that you will have to come back to at some point because it isn’t going anywhere and if you don’t come back to it, it will come find you. So we hide all of these parts of ourselves in the ‘back of our minds’ and tuck them neatly in the drawer labelled SUBCONSCIOUS and lock it, lock the door to the door, and the other door to that corridor and so on and so on and so on….but it still lives inside you.

Then one day, the external world shifts. Remember, you are a part of that external world. Like the mountains, rivers, trees you are a player in the game of what exists here and your energy has to match the energy of whatever else exists here on a sine wave frequency decided by our Mother Earth and ultimately decided by her Mother and the Mother of the Mother and so we have this Russian doll effect of massive galactic pieces of a puzzle where everything is one and we must fit in according to its shift. The higher Earth moves in to light photonic energy, the higher we go to. And that light shines brighter than ever before, often on the places we wanted to remain hidden away so that we could continue existing in our slumber, tucked up in the comfortable shadows of the darker lower fields we are now busting out of.

So over the last 18 months since we have really felt a predominant shift in energies, the retrogrades have given us opportunities to go back over and review the lessons learned during each direct aspect. Its almost like a replay where we consider ‘what would we edit? If I had known then, what would I have done differently? Did I really think that through properly? What would my higher self do? And then throughout this reflective period, we get to GO WITHIN and consciously consider our thoughts, feelings and motives ready to put them in to direct action.

The last 12-18 months have been all about shining light on the parts we didn’t want to see. What did it show you? What did you see and what did you learn from that? Uncovering trauma from the dark corners is how you grow. The dark is your greatest teacher. We often think of Saturn as the great teacher. The planet of restrictive traditional overbearing energy that holds us back but remember, the darkness is often only restrictive because so are our senses and we fear that which is ‘out of our control’. We cling tightly on to that which we know to be comfortable and secure without realizing that if we succumb to the darkness it often holds the greatest knowledge, insight and path to enlightenment as it completes the process of duality, that which our mind is in need of it it is to reach its place within the higher realms. The higher we go, the higher our mind must go, our body, our spirit, our soul energy. This is the metamorphosis.


Take a look back over the last 12 months, the last 6, the last 3….How have you changed? What has life taught you? There is a tremendous shift occurring at lightening speed right now and that shift will have given you the opportunity to really pay attention to how you think and feel about so many things regarding the BIGGER PICTURE of life. There may be things you have looked at and really seen in a different light and then all of a sudden you realise that you don’t want it anymore, or that you no longer agree to the rules of how its set, you no longer want to play that game or you’ve outgrown the situation so you decide to step in to your own power and take control of the situation yourself and grab the world by both hands according to your standards and even though that scares you, you need to try right? Because the alternative is too scary now that you’ve seen it for how it really is. The revelations can be so enlightening so you see how you would never have seen them were it not for those dark corners or the hidden boxes. Its all a perspective. Your journey in to the underworld is often the holiday you never wanted to take but ended up having the best time but you don’t realise that until you’re back home unpacking your bags and sorting through your many piles of laundry.


So the ugly, sinister, vicious games at play are seen for all they are. What has that taught you? To trust yourself more? To go within and realise that YOU are all you ever needed? To see the world in a way that makes no sense to you and yet here you are with a vision of a new world but you aren’t quite sure how to set the wheels in motion. You aren’t quite sure who else you could share these thoughts and visions with because we have always been so programmed to not think outside the box. Don’t speak of things too obscure for fear of ridicule. It’s a powerful antidote to free-thought and you know this now but you dare not open your mouth to share your new found views in case others don’t quite yet see it the way you do because you see it was all far more comfortable when everyone was equally comfortably numb and no one ever questioned anything, wasn’t it? Growth isn’t a comfortable place especially when the only way through it is along the path of darkness all alone.

But then you come out the other side, because nothing lasts forever and where there is darkness, fear, pain and torment, there is also light, revelation, release, freedom and peace.


So how will you use this new found POWER you have throughout this reflective period? How will you communicate moving forward knowing that you are more conscious, more aware, in tune, higher minded?

Remember, we are electromagnetic. The shift occurs within us as much as it occurs outside of us. HOLD THAT SPACE and hold your thoughts so that when everything moves direct on Feb 3rd, you can put yourself out in to the world with conscious clarity. When you do this, you MANIFEST your place in the world and you become the higher version of yourself. That is what the last 18 months has been all about! All that pain, uncertainty, fear…Was it worth it? Look back and ask?





A look in to the energies of the next few days and weeks ahead with

  1. The moon in Virgo – What we should be considering over the next few days in order to pre for the next few…
  2. The coming weeks and month have a scene shift in to Aquarius. What will we be looking at and how will this impact our lives?
  3. Jupiter in Pisces and the expansive power shifts throughout the next few weeks

A.I, Tech, expansive disillusion, emotions and getting your house in order.

Welcoming the weird and the wonderful. How do you feel about that?



WOW This is a lot! Where to start?

I guess with the fact that today is 18/01/22 in simple format that is the 18th January 2022. The reason I am specifying it in simple terms will follow. But today, the nodes shift. They move out of our challenging and confrontational Gemini Sagitarrius where we have seen a lot of control throughout communication, censorship and we have held a microscope on the written words of the law, the justice system, the media and all of the storylines that have happened over the last 18-20 months during this modal axis. Well thats all about to have a scene change! Thank goodness we could say and we would of course be correct but what follows you may ask?

Well, now that all of that has been highlighted in an utterly dramatic sense. (Sagitarrius does nothing without drama and expansive energy), I guess we need to bring it to justice right? And moving in to Taurus Scorpio nodes, there will be a lot of carrying the last 20 months of energetic baggage in to this new era of holding a microscope under something entirely new to consider. Well, not new as such but a different storyline. A narrative that suggests a focus on our resources. Our food networks, our environment, our homes, resources, available supplies and alternative solutions that must now be considered. How does all of this tie in with where we have just come from? Everything, as it highlights the errors of who runs the show and the injustices, unethical misdemeanors and where things could and should have been different and been about benefiting the people they have not. Highlighting that abuse of power in a time where we are needing to focus on our every day basics means needing to strip that power down or collapse it in order to know our future in terms of our basic supplies and resources can be taken care of by a minimal gov source that has our best interests at heart. Haha sounds too good to be true you say? Don’t be so negative! We can no longer depend on the powers that have been to carry us in to the future when they have created such a mess. This chaos however, as disastrous as it may seem and certainly will do soon for sure, is necessary because you cannot have the golden age without the period of shit show first. We have to dismantle the system at a cellular level to ensure it cannot grow back. GET RID OF THE CANCER so that we can rebuild a habitat that we actually want to live in. One that lives in our dreams only this time we get a chance to truly create it for real. That blank canvas is on its way but in order to have the supplies to paint it with, we need to do some demolition work first.

Taurus – All about our relationship with Earth. Our grounded connection. Our senses, Intuition, creative energy, resources, food, fuel, water, gas, heat, clothing, money, cars, homes….all under the microscope. What needs changing? Because Uranus is also in Taurus and Uranus LOVES a bit of change! Uranus entered Taurus in March 2019 and will stay in Taurus until April 2026. The last few years have not yet seen however the dynamic possibilities of what Uranus in Taurus means because the nodes have been in Gemini Sag but now that the nodes themselves are in Taurus Scorpio this means that anything to do with Taurus will have a magnified impact. So, what can we expect?

7 years transiting the planet of rebellion, revolution, transition and electric energies you can expect that anything connected to these things and paired with a focus on the sign of mother earth will have some things to say. Uranus is the Son of Gaia so there is a huge connection between the 2. Gaia and Uranus however were not just mother and son but it was from the sexual union between the two that Gaia bore the Titans and the Giants, as well as of Pontus, from whose union she bore the primordial sea gods. Lets just say that anything considered between the 2 together is going to cause some uprising and some dynamic shifting and all in the name of our evolutionary transitioning and re-birthing after such a dark period of frustrating constraint and oppression. Now comes the demolition.

As I mentioned back in December, I had my eyes on Jan 5th as being a potential date for something monumental. I had considered the possibility of an all out cyber attack to kick start us in to this new nodal energy. A wipe out that would coincide with the switching on of the global 5G networks. I had a couple of people then say around that time that ‘oh well nothing occurred’ and firstly I would like to point out, I am not a fortune teller. I am merely reading the cosmic messages and allowing my intuition to guide me so things may not work out accordingly to my say so but I still vocalize my intuitive messages in case anything does happen as insighted and it can be useful to anyone at all.

So during Christmas, someone on twitter had posted about how the gregorian calendar had been enforced to take over our authentic Julian calendar and mix up our dates to manipulate and mislead us. Without going too much in to that, although I do think there is a lot of truth in this, it was an interesting twist and perspective on a lot of occultist phenomena relating to our Christmas celebrations and the distortion of events to ‘keep us all dumbed down’ from our true enlightenment etc. I had read this at the beginning of the year and did think about the Jan 5th messages but figured lets see how it all pans out but then the whole 5G roll out got postponed. Why?

I went back and forth over various sites that were journaling this delay and it turns out it was to do with the FAA , signalling that there are concerns that radio altimeters could be disrupted by 5G therefore it has been delayed by 2 weeks (corresponding with the difference in timeframes between the 2 calendars) Not suggesting it has anything to do with the mention of these calendars but I thought it was an interesting coincidence and also correlated a lot with what I had mentioned late December about the Uranus, aviation, GPS systems and magnetic poles. POST HERE..

See the documents from the FAA.GOV

So for the last 2 years, I have seen the numbers 333, 144 and 911 routinely and spontaneously. I get it. Someone interested in the stuff I am interested in understands numerology and symbology etc but I always considered 911 to have more to do with the towers date and the questions surrounding the birth date of Christ. Now I am not so sure if its actually reflecting tomorrows date 19/1. In the USA this is 1/19 which in reverse is 911. This could be a reach but again, it correlates to the dates and times of the 2 calendars and is a current hot topic on twitter right now. I put the 2 together and with the dates of the node shifts and the whole Uranus action right now, nothing would surprise me, so I thought I would share! Also, my daughter bust in to the room when my husband and I were talking about the calendars and started shouting ‘I’M KING JULIANUARY!’ – This strange yet hilarious spat coming from the movie Madagascar and yet another hint at subliminal messaging to do with times, dates etc that could be relevant? 911 1 19? Could be a stretch. Could be something. I guess we’ll see but hey you know its one thing reading in to energies and possibilities but as the end of this post will tell you, a lot is about letting go and riding the wave because otherwise, we’re just looking at controlling the outcome rather than just going with the flow. OBSERVE, DON’T ABSORB!

Has anyone started watching MANIFEST on netflix? Not usually one for tv shows but we started this last friday. Again, uranus, air travel and weather…its ALL THERE! And as my current hot topic of late seems to focus around time travel and loops, if this is of any interest to you also, may be worth a watch. Its very entertaining and is hinting at some great current day topics without waving the freaky flag too much! WE ARE FAR MORE THAN JUST HUMANS AS WE’VE ALWAYS KNOWN HUMANS TO BE…I’m a Sag with a lot of scorpio energy so I am expansive and firey yet magnetically intuitive. Relaying the messages as they come in…This show explains this a lot!


Times are changing. THE FOURTH TURNING – I won’t write too much about this on here for a couple of reasons. 1: I just spent half an hour this am doing an audio on it instead so please see the top of this post for the full details on THE FOURTH TURNING within the podcast but also 2: it’s so cold in here my fingers are going numb so I need to stop writing soon. I will leave a link HERE for info on the fourth turning and please remember, this link was broadcast in 2016 so we are now reaching the crisis point in the middle of the fourth turning according to the dates mentioned in the messages. Please also remember that nothing good comes without efforts and that we need to have a destabilization so that we can have that blank canvas to create the new world we all want with a clearer heart based principle. As mentioned in both my audio and the words of the host in the link above, OUR CHILDREN IN THIS GENERATION NOW will be the ones to reset and re-create our new world. They are the leaders and the empaths with creative vision and heart frequency. They do not operate out of fear.

Until 2026, the pace will pick up and we will make fast and furious efforts now to collapse and shift. This will be both physical, metaphysical and internal. We are changing our bodies to match the frequency of earth as we enter higher, lighter photonic energies. Those that cannot hold this frequency will struggle. There is a lot behind the scenes that we cannot comprehend yet as humans so I advise strongly to not overthink or try to control what is happening right now. A lot must get left to the energies and the universal flow itself. Trust that you are being guided. Trust that whatever comes next will have your back.

When I 1st started reading all about these shifts back in 2018, Dolores Cannon and the convoluted universe, The invisible rainbow, Nostradamus ….all the names of the game changers showed me a world that looks nothing like ours does now. And how do we get there if not without collapses, shifts and high tides? I can remember (as mentioned in the audio and probably the most important piece of information to take from this entire post) I was looking to move house and my family and I were considering where. And it was at this time I was looking at doomsday maps and suggestions of mass flooding and earthquakes and the whole mud flood and Atlantis flooding happening all over again. AKA THE GREAT RESET! And OMG I panicked! Where would be safe? And I told my husband we need to move to higher ground. The highest part of the Yorkshire dales. Back to his families land in Zimbabwe. Anywhere but the low lands of Europe as most of which would soon end up under water again….but then, WHAT ON EARTH was I thinking? WHO KNOWS what is going to happen other than God and the Universe and as I said there is so much that we do not know or understand but we must have faith that it guides us. I have had my apocalyptic dreams of floods but in them I can breath underwater. I have dreamt of a huge tidal wave that when it reaches my feet it stops and the water flows upwards and carries me up with it and I can fly. According to modern science this is not possible but yet the metaphysical, supernatural world works in ways we have not yet seen or experienced so you know what, we packed our bags and moved to Cyprus because I refuse to live in fear over a limited pre-conditioned program in my head about how this realm works. Now I live in a place where cyclones and earthquakes occur and they do not frighten me because I understand the deeper meanings why and I have my trust in the universe. I want to live my life in joy and love and experience the freedom of being able to swim in Venus shores every day and talk to mermaids with my kids and eat fruit off the trees and feel the sun on my face. The price I paid for that was losing all fear of what might be and live in the moment instead. LIVE IN THE NOW and oddly, when you only live in the now your entire reality shifts! (MORE ON THAT IN MY NEXT POST)

But all these shifts are unfolding. Dramatic as they may seem it is for a greater good. A bigger picture that will be written in the book authored by our children. So for now, kick back and go with the flow. Don’t be in such a rush to control things or freak out when things around you change or disappear. There is a far bigger plan at play but it is not to be feared!

My fingers are really cold. If I’ve missed anything out please listen to the audio. I will keep touching on this as we go, resource allowing (tech issues possible as mercury is not retro)

But positive vibes please my peeps!

I started a telegram channel. If you want to join please find me: KathrynAsherMetamorphosis

Don’t be afraid of the unknown. It could be your biggest blessing yet! x


Hello all,

This is my final post for 2021 and I am sending it out to you all with the hugest amount of love and compassion and hope for a fabulous year ahead.

And with that said, I am sending this with consideration for the beginning of the year ahead as I believe that we are in for some stormy weather and from what I have had coming in to my mind and heart about this time, I feel I need to share in case it can help anyone moving forward.

I am absolutely not a doomsdayer and I tend to stay far away from those dark theories about the future of humanity and as this post will hopefully reflect, we are evolving as a human collective in to something far more positive and progressive but in order to reach the destination of ‘love, peace and harmony :)’, we have some demolition to do first so, with that in mind, I have had some recent messages that have come through to me in a very detailed and clear sense that I have been prompted to share as I believe we need to stand united and hopeful in the next coming months.

I will also just say, that astrologically in a western outlook, there is a huge amount of transit line ups that would confirm what I am detailing in this post to possibly be accurate, especially the USA Pluto return and also with consideration of the Chinese astrology moving in to the year of the tiger, this is also confirmed and correlates as it is definitely set to be a fast paced, revolutionary year of change and new directions. So I share this in the hope that any of my friends, colleagues, loved ones or anyone at all that may come across this that has not woken up yet to these new energies and revealings does so quickly enough to get prepared for any eventual chaos that may unfold so that they can be safe. unafraid and comforted in the messages of a hopeful future for us all.

I did say I would time cap the sections of the message so you could jump to relevant points but as I freestyle and as thus message highlights quite a lot of back and forth it really isn’t possible so please listen and take or leave what feels right to you or does not. It is ok if you do not understand what I am saying or if you disagree. The point of this message is to express love, hope and comfort in what are turbulent times. I am not trying to persuade or influence anyone. These are simply messages I get that I feel the need to share as often the universe will talk to me just before something is about to occur. I feel obliged to often share these messages especially if I feel they could be helpful or comforting to anyone that might stumble across them.

Sharing is caring

I wish you all a beautiful year ahead. Audio below x

Conclusion to above


Figuring out how to cope in these times of uncertainty and how to move from a mind space to a heart space in order to detach fear programs and set yourself free

A brief discussion about how the mind awakens to the psychological external events and starts to ask questions, which the heart can then answer as we move deeper in to a field of higher frequencies and understandings.

If you’re struggling with fear programs or the current energies then this may be a great uplifting and positive listen for you!

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This evenings chat about how the magnetic fields have altered our GPS systems therefore restricting air travel, what the future of 2022 looks like with the Jupiter Neptune Pisces energies and the Uranus transits, the Uranus placements with us until mid 2023 when our world will look a whole lot different.

What to expect, staying high vibe and saying NO TO FEAR as we collapse the old and make way for the new!

I have had a number of people recently come forward and say they are terrified about what is happening. Some saying they have just woken up to what is going on and are fearful as they don’t understand how and why and what to expect. I am going to do a post on this later today or tomorrow but it is going to take some time to draft properly as there is a lot of pretty deep and far out info that needs to be included in this for it to be put across properly. Bare with, though it is coming!

I am also doing a TIP OF THE DAY between now and Christmas of what you can do to maximize your health and take control of your health and your families health in a natural and cost effective way so you’ll be ready for January and you can still embrace and enjoy the holiday season!

Hope you enjoy listening to this pod and catch you all soon. Any questions please throw them my way.

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We don’t always know what we want to be in life or what we will become, until we have some sort of a breakthrough moment that shines a light on the path you’re meant to take.

For me, I grew up wanting to be a writer and a linguist. I mastered Spanish and I now live in Greece so languages have always been my strong point but, at 30, I still hadn’t carved out a career with any of these skills of mine. Then at 30, I had my 1st daughter, and my 1st breakdown. It wasn’t because of her, it was the timing of events, One now when I look back with different eyes and a whole new spectrum of vision, I SEE WHY, but it took me a decade + to understand it, respect it, learn it and use it to carve out a path for the future.


When my eldest daughter was 2, I started having strange body pains and sensations that were literally from head to toe and all in between. I would ache all over. I would not be able to bend or stretch and my body would freeze up. I would get massive headaches / migraines sometimes to the point of vomit and days in bed. I would experience facial pains, tingling, eye twitching, eye pains, pain on my scalp and the sensation of water running from the top of my head, sores in my nose, sinus problems, jaw pains (These were sometimes excruciating to the point I would literally cry and scream), Pain in throat and difficulty swallowing (For a period of 5 months this was every single day and felt like something was stuck in my throat that I couldn’t swallow that lead to tinnitus and ear fullness (I diagnosed myself with Eagle syndrome because of this and due to paranoia) ,sternum pain, under arm pain that would radiate down arm mainly left and in to hand, pain under breasts and in to ribs (this was one of my biggest concerns and I was officially diagnosed with costochondritis in 2014) Stomach pains, IBS, back pains, hip pains and often dysplacia which would make me walk with difficulty, aching legs and then last but not least, chronic pains in the soles of feet and burning toes. Those were just the pain symptoms. I also suffered from nausea, chronic fatigue, dizziness and vertigo, spacial problems where I felt like I was in an echo chamber and everything sounded strange, buzzing in my body, speech problems, loss of appetite, hormone dysfunction, low energy, heart palpitations, emotional overwhelm, very teary and erratic, becoming worried about everything due to all the above therefore withdrawing in to my own little world because everyone I tried to talk to about all these things had absolutely no idea how to respond to me and thought I’d gone mad. I was desperate to talk to someone that understood me.

Physically, I was at breaking point and no one could tell me why or from what. Emotionally, I was worn out because no one understood me and I felt so alone and Mentally, I was paranoid and unsure of myself….(Until I wasn’t. Until my breakthrough came )

You cannot know how many times I called ambulances in the middle of the night because of sharp chest pains that kept me awake and radiated in to my jaw and left arm, the panic causing me to be sick. My husband was at his wits end, I don’t blame him I was exhausting but my conviction was strong as were the pains so I begged for help. What came up on tests? NOTHING. Lungs checked, NOTHING. Heart monitor for 48 hrs, NOTHING. BP high, put down to anxiety

At work, out of nowhere, I would have uncontrollable panic attacks. Without TMI there was one instance where I desperately needed to go to the toilet because if you’re familiar with panic attacks, they can cause instant diarrhea, pretty embarrassing but when you’ve got to go you’ve got to go. These panics would literally stop me from breathing and cause quite the scene. One almost becoming seizure like where work had to call an ambulance to assist.

And then the debilitating paranoia that I was dying because how can something so severe be ‘nothing’? So, I convinced myself that I had every type of cancer, heart disease, lymes disease, autoimmune disease, thyroid disease and the list could go on. It was increasingly clear I was becoming a hypochondriac and ever twinge would trigger further worry and I was sinking fast in to spiraling chaos.

Between the years of 2010 and 2014 I must have visited various doctors probably over 100 times. Now that’s what you call a drain on the NHS! But I felt at a loss and so desperate that there was something fundamentally wrong and there was NO ONE there to help me. I had developed full blown OCD over every single health detail I was experiencing and the experiences were so heightened and prominent that I couldn’t think of anything but these issues. I remember having a lump on the side of my neck, tiny it was, barely anything but because of how heightened I was it was the biggest deal to me. 2 weeks later it was still there. Of course it was I wouldn’t stop poking it and i was manifesting it bigger out of worry and stress. Then one day, I booked in to a chiropractor for a check over and they clearly stated they were not worried in the slightest about this lump so phew, all I needed to be told by someone I could trust was that everything was ok and there was nothing to worry about.

I had fast become an expert on every disease known to man kind, because I had had them all (laugh but eeek wasn’t funny at the time) and I had come to realize that my mind was on overdrive and was about to have a breakdown.

It was in late 2013 when various Doctors that had been saying IT WAS ALL IN MY HEAD and had attributed all of my ailments to anxiety, that I challenged them and questioned how something in my head could possibly manifest into physical pains. Their only answer to me was to mumble parts about neuro-pathways and nerves etc. One went as far as to say ‘It’s not for you to question. As the Doctor, that was for him to know and if I wanted to also I should go get a degree like he did’. I think at this point, they were desperate to shut me up and sack me off so they also came out with a fibromyalgia diagnosis. WHAT IS FIBROMYALGIA? Unknown and unexplained still for the large part but research shows it has to do with neuropathy and hightened sensory pathways etc. I had been utterly let down by the system. No one could explain why I was feeling the way I was. Every Doctor I saw just scratched their heads and handed me the anxiety card.

Yes, I was anxious. Was I always? No. What triggered the anxiety? PAIN! Not the other way around.

So with all this said, I was prescribed numerous anti-inflammatories (even though all my markers came back clear) and I was prescribed pain killers, without so much of any further question or investigation. They basically said, this is the best we can offer you. It was in this moment that I lost all respect for the medical science world in the mainstream sense as they literally have no advancements or intellect to explain to me why I am feeling this way. I may not be a licensed GP doctor but I sure know that it’s not normal to feel the way I felt so there is a reason. They just needed to expand their scientific way of thinking and find out what. Could they do that? No. I mean, in the grand scheme of things I am just one person with an annoying way of turning up on their appointment list often. But no, It’s not just me. I’ve frequented forums, chat groups and various networks of people saying exactly the same as me. How the could the medical profession let so many of us down? What was really going on?



Im 2011, I started learning about mind therapies and CBT NLP practices. It was start of my panics and given how well I know my own mind and as someone who’s always been curious about the workings of the mind, I started exploring my own ways of understanding, independent to what professionals had to analyse and diagnose. I have always thrived on independence. If someone has information about my life, my health and I don’t understand it, that’s not going to be the case for long. So I started to learn about cognitive behavioural therapies, neuro-linguistic programming and talk therapy concepts. The thing that got me the most during these times, were the fact that no one would listen and even if they did, it never helped. So I promised myself that I would be the person that listened to those that needed someone like I did and so they never had to feel the way I felt.

If you ask my friends, they will tell you without a doubt, 100% I am the friend they go to with their dilemas. Whatever’s on the table, I am the one with the most open mind, less likely to judge and has a compassionate, understanding ear. How many times they get off the phone saying ‘Jeez you should charge!’ and I’d laugh haha but yeah, If I had a pound for every phone call…

It wasn’t immediate that I started my degree in Philosophy and Psychology, in between the years I also studied Herbal medicine (This came about from my rejection of various prescriptions that absolutely did not resonate) and because I started batch cooking like a crazy person for my daughter, I started to research natural foods and recipes for kids so I started to tie in the herbal remedies with my issues and her eating schedules. At one point I had a rotation of bulk batches of freezer meals for her I could have started a cafe. But it was due to this that she now eats things like olives and anchovies and octopus.

I started to become fascinated with naturopathy and signed up to do further studies here and it was here where I learned about the benefits of the GAPS DIET PROTOCOL for autoimmune diseases such as Lymes and Lupus etc, Not entirely convinced I didn’t have something of this type even though blood works said otherwise, I started the GAPS and persisted for a whole 6 months and the results were remarkable. I slowly came off this and went on to a paleo based protocol that limited grains, sugars, processed foods and carbs for the most part. In its simplest form it was a version of the WHOLE30 diet that was moderately restrictive but allowed for whole nutrient dense foods only. The 30 part meaning try it for a month but I carried this on after GAPS for a further 6 months and after that year, my body had adjusted so much I had become intolreant to things like alcohol, sugar and bad fats. Even eating a whole chocolate bar made me feel so sick after a whole year of restriction that I knew, I could see it and feel it that my body was telling me that the bad things I am putting in were now being fully rejected and I had become tuned in and intuitive towards my bodys natural responses and triggers.

I set up my instapage @bearandluna in 2014 to document all my food, herbs, nutrition, study and journey through biohacking and I’m sharing some super old post snippets here as I explain this journey and breakthrough because, as I have also learned with Astrology, things move in cycles. Sometimes, you have to look back onn where you were decades ago to realise where you are right now and how it all ties together. This has been monumental in my breakthrough and discoveries!


It’s so great to look back on all the documented work I put out there when I started studying and wanted to keep a track on what i was feeling. You know, it’s not been an easy road and just when I thought I was on track and conquered the whatever s, back I go to square one. That’s the thing about life. It isn’t linear and theres a lot of back and forth. As I said, everything is cyclical. We go forwards and backwards and learn and re-learn and there is no such thing as ‘completion’ as such there is only ‘transformation’.

This is what happened when I had my BREAKTHROUGH.

We moved up to North Yorkshire from Leeds. I was feeling super strong and in a really good place mentally, physically, emotionally and all the rest. We moved closer to my mum which was fantastic and given I didn’t think she was very well, it was nice to be able to spent time closer to her and figure out what she needed. We both started yoga together. What started off as a casual thing turned in to 2 years of twice sometimes 3 times weekly classes with our instructor Mags. This routine practice did something to me that was beneficial in so many ways. I could breath like never before and I had shifted in to a new paradigm of being. I was lighter, fresher, I understood myself more and my purpose. I was working in Veterinary in the company that my husband set up while we were still in Leeds and I knew in my gut that I wanted to find a way to incorporate what I knew about my studies in holistic health and naturopathy in to animal health care. I also wanted to find a way back to focusing on mind health, so I enrolled to complete my degree in philosophy and psychology and make it my focal point. The internet was becoming swamped with people all becoming foodie fashionistas and gurus and I felt like it was saturated with all what was being put out there but the one thing that people really do struggle with is that ability to connect and talk. The internet isn’t a place that’s social. It’s lonely and cold and it separates us all from each other. Someone to talk to is key. So I went back to study and in the studies of SELF, MIND AND CONSCIOUSNESS I was blown away! This was it…my heart was taken.

And the higher and higher my mind went into this field of practice and understanding, I started to really FEEL what I was learning. It became more about feeling my way through understanding and feeling what is coming. I was becoming highly intuitive and empathetic but with structure and purpose. Towards the end of 2019, I said to my husband, we need to set up FORTIS ONE HEALTH because the future of healthcare will be interconnected and it will be natural. He wasn’t so convinced. I was. I pushed it forward and created what I believed would be the triad healthcare structure that combined human, animal and eco healthcare together as one under holistic principles. I said, there’s something coming that will trigger a united front in all sectors. We had already been pushed out of our contracts with our corporate suppliers in veterinary. Not that I cared on principal or ethical values but they were responsible for half of our companies turn over, so there was that! I said, we need to restructure because there’s about to be a monumental shift and I can’t see what but I can feel it and it’s going to break down everything. It’s going to be huge! THEN 2020 HIT….And we broke down.

In the first month of this pandemic, my health anxiety resurfaced. I had gone through years of re calibration and all of it came straight back to me, coupled also with an enormous amount of stressful news on the political front and a lot of WTF stuff in the world of alternative news that was pretty eye opening. All in all, I went in to FULL LOCKDOWN and had the biggest panic attack of my life. I spent days in bed shaking next to my husband, unable to breath, overthinking, over-analysing, completely hitting rock bottom. I couldn’t even try to word what was going on in my head but I did try to explain it to my mum and dad and it was the 1st time ever I heard them get really concerned and upset over my behavior. My mum was actually really worried about me ending up too out of control I’d need to get sectioned. Her very mention of this infuriated me and I kept screaming at her that she couldn’t see my point of view. I was on the precipice of something extraordinary, something revolutionary in my head, my heart and soul and trying to word it was quite frankly scaring people.

If you were to ask anyone that works in the field of psychiatry, where the most tuned in, intuitive, intelligent and creative people in the world are, they will tell you they exist in the nut house! They exist in a whole different dimension and paradigm to most people. They are of a different state of consciousness and resonance and they struggle to portray themselves and be understood in this 1 dimensional world that is cruel and lacks compassion. This is what I had not only learned in my studies of psychology and the mind but I was experiencing in my very own life during these very strange times that I had started to realize, was happening to a lot of people and I had foreseen this coming. I had sensed it and I had put it out there and now, we’re living through the bibggest shift, the GREAT AWAKENING of souls and spirits that are also on the precipice of breakthroughs. WHY? Because the World is changing and we need to adjust with it.

If you go on to my bearandluna instagram page, there is a highlight called philosophy where I documented all my studies, not just of philosophy but psych, politics, consciousness etc and some of the studies and modules I was learning during my finals, were at the time of the start of the pandemic. I documented some of the work as I could not believe I was learning about THAT EXACT THING during THIS EXACT TIME. It was just such a coincidence. I cannot explain to you how my mind and perceptions about EVERYTHING has shifted and expanded over the last 2 years and the one thing that has come out of all of it is


It all makes perfect sense to me now! It’s a far bigger picture. stranger than fiction, so multi-layered and truly requires an open mind. I always thought I was open minded, hey, my mind was never open before as it was in a constant state of fear. It was completely limited. I was full of self limits and fear. But the moment you see things with a new set of eyes and a different perspective, it changes the game completely.


I have my thoughts on this. Also quite far out but hardly surprising given all we are learning about our world leaders these days. I’ve spoken widely about my theories on twitter (pinned tweet mentioned these things) so please head there if you’re curious. Hey, I could be wrong, but as I have learned, everything is perspective and there are too many coincidences.

I still have issues from time to time but for the most part, thanks to my self study, self healing and additional protocols and regimes, I am a master of mindset, coping strategies and biohacks. I didn’t know it at the time but, these breakdowns turned in to breakthroughs so that I could turn my insight in to something useful. Something that can help others and inspire others to also take sovereignty of their health and refuse to live in fear.


And I will leave you with one other post I created years ago that is beyond relevant to this day and highlights how I always knew these times were coming (I am proud to have remained so consistent)

I have since started using kathrynasherhealth as my instagram page for all things health related however my bearandluna is still active so please feel free to follow me either place should you wish



DISCLAIMER: This post has personal elements to back up my credible theories on chiropractic. Be warned 🙂

Most of what I write on here and what I practice is varied. I can go between philosophy, psychology and health related topics one to another and I have had people ask me, “Why do you talk about X when you’re a talk therapist?” or “Why do you talk about talk therapies when you’re talking about hormones?” – The thing is, life is varied and we are a WHOLE that is made up of many different compartments. In order to treat the whole, we need to consider the many facets within our wholeness. Many areas that overall paint a picture and allow us to understand, break down, break through and find and restore our balance.

I posted on instastories this morning about how my journey towards ‘self-health’ started in 2010 when I set off on a mission to right the wrongs I knew we’re occurring within me. From 2010 to 2014 I must have frequented the Doctors office approximately 100 times during that time frame, no jokes. The physical pains I was feeling were unreal and were the absolute cause of my anxiety, period. I had just become a mum for the 1st time and my life now became crucial. I had to be my absolute healthiest so that I could look after her so my health issues became a huge concern. What do you suppose the Doctors could tell me about the state of my health?


The monumentally painful physical problems I was suffering with kept coming back as benign, which in Doctors terms means that if there’s nothing to see on a lab test or xray, there’s nothing there. But there for sure was something there and their persistent insisting that it was anxiety and it was all in my head was doing something to me in a hugely negative way. I was becoming so irate and angry because there was absolutely nothing for me to be anxious about other than these pains so for them to tell me otherwise was driving me mad! It also highlighted the fact that they were admitting that the mind can cause physical effects on the body and this made me curious. I asked them, ‘How can the mind cause your legs or arms to feel pain?’ They couldn’t really answer me other than to explain neuropathways and nerve transmissions etc but they never expanded on their scientific analysis on this even after I asked a number of doctors to explain this to me so that I could understand it better myself. One even told me, it wasn’t for me to understand and that’s why he has the medical degree and if I wanted to know answers to these questions best I also go and get one too.

So, I did. Not a medical degree to practice standard general medicine or the rubbish he’s been sold, but a decades worth of the study of functional medicine with a focus on TCM, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, CBT and functional psychology and a number of other holistic courses that aligned with my overall health diplomaS and journey of investigation and discovery. For my self. For my Mind, Body and Spirit. Do you think the Doctors ever once asked me why I was anxious? What my emotional state was like? What my diet involved? How my hormones were? How my sleep was or if I was drinking enough water or getting enough exercise? Yeah, none of what they asked me had anything to do with my health but, they were quick to push anti-depressants and anti-inflammatories whilst telling me my essential oils and supplements we’re all just useless placebos.

So, in 2014, armed with the knowledge I had learned already, I sacked the doctor and employed 1)Myself 2) A farmers market 3)A DoTerra essential oil subscription 4) A dog to take on long walks 5) A yoga package and 6) A chiropractor.

I had heard from a friend that’s husband is a chiropractor that they aren’t just used for at the time of an injury or emergency, they are to be included alongside a lifestyle approach and an ongoing preventative form of healthcare that works as your own health insurance policy rather than taking a policy out for the mainstream sick care option.

So, chiropractors are a practice type that is currently not covered via health insurance policies. People have asked me why this is. The only thing I can say on this is;

Chiropractic heals people, therefore it does the opposite of what insurances want. They want more ways to bill you, so….

If you’re looking for ways out of mainstream healthcare but consider chiropractic to be too expensive, please do just remember that the insurance policy you may pay on standard healthcare is to cover you for sickness. Chiropractic ensures you don’t get sick as it is a preventative treatment that IS your insurance policy.

So what are the benefits of chiropractic?

When I started my formal training, it was with the school of natural health sciences where I began with CBT and talk therapies involving a lot of NLP which later influenced my philosophy and psychology degree, as my 1st and principle focus was on Mental Health and healing Mind therapies. It still is, but I also noticed through practice in this field and with my own personal experience of how physical manifestations of pain can occur in the body via mind triggers in the 1st place there is a deep connection between our mind health, our bodies and our spiritual selves, so, I further studied and moved into herbal medicine, naturopathy and functional nutrition figuring that if we started at the beginning, with what we ate then as Hippocrates stated, ‘Let Food be thy medicine’ is all we would need to heal ourselves.



After 2 years, depending on when you start the clock, I would say from 2014 to 2016, I noticed a HUGE shift in my health. (I will do a separate post about exactly what I did to SELF HEAL so that it doesn’t overwhelm this promotion of Chiropractic )but, all I can say, is that from eating the correct balance of food (correct for me, remember , we are all different bio-genetically) The correct amount of exercise (I could obviously do better but at least I know I am consistently doing the right things) The use of high vibration herbal protocols such as teas, elixirs, essential oils and supplements and then my regular chiropractic visits, my life has totally shifted. It doesn’t even resemble the life I had before, not only because of these protocols but because of my understanding towards health and wellness and my engagement with my own body, my own self that has taken me to a whole new paradigm where life is an entirely different experience now. I am sure those that have experienced similar can resonate. To those that can’t yet, you’re the reason I am writing this post!


When I 1st started these practices, I was still living in the UK and I was referred by my friends husband to a clinic in my home town of Harrogate. I was in a state at the time because of my physical pains and my mental state. Very frantic and chaotic and emotional about absolutely everything so upon my assessment they reccomended weekly sessions until my body had realigned itself back to a natural state of calm. I was holding a lot of tension and was having wide spread body pains, holding a lot of water, having headaches, hormone issues and suffering emotionally mainly because I had been let down by those I thought could help me (The Drs) and I was feeling hopeless. I started having weekly visits. At a cost of £33 per adjustment this was a lot but, it was worth every penny to get me back to a state of good health and a place where I felt comfortable being me. How long did that take? About 18 months, 12 if I really were to push it but I kept it going until I really felt sure I’d made a break through.

From 2016 -2019 I would visit once a month and from the get go, this became enough for me. In 2019 however, I started having another breakdown health wise. You must realize, that it takes a lifetime of dedication to find balance and optimum health. There will be times when you least expect it where you will be up one minute and everything will seem great and then you will suffer a crash again. We are not linear, predictable creatures, we are electric beings that work alongside the sine waves of the universe. If the universe is going through something, as do we. This is something that energy doctors understand. What could possibly have been brewing in 2019 that caused me to backtrack on all my good work? Ah, enter 2020!

Funnily, this year had been the year of recognition to me. Where I truly saw all my hard work and comprehensive understandings of science, philosophy, medicine, mind, body and spirit all come together as one in one great big crescendo of applause like the end of an assignment and I passed with flying colours . For many it has been the year that has provoked the hugest wave of fear and paranoia, scared to exist without a mask, angry that they cant get a doctors appointment, sinking in to decline in their health and no one to save them. For me, it was the year when I breathed the biggest sigh of relief. I finally understood all I had learnt and found a closeness to God because I didn’t just understand healthcare, I understood HEALING!

It was through my lifestyle adustments and my Chiropractic adjustments that I can stand here and say this. I balanced myself because I fought hard to and I never gave up. I healed myself because I learned about natural energy medicine and practices that are not only safe but effective. I invested in myself and rather than putting my faith in those that have failed me I put it in myself and those that have helped heal me.

The 1st thing I noticed, was an improvement in basic wide spread pain. It wasn’t sudden, it was very gradual and eased slowly but it eased. I then noticed a weight loss and an improvement in posture. I then started going to yoga with my mum regularly to a lady called Mags who hosted Hatha classes and offered some restorative flow that definately aided in recovery and rehab. I also then started noticing I was experiencing far fewer headaches (I believe mine to be hormone related so this was a sign that there was a definate improvement in my hormone function but I wasnt testing at the time this was just intuitive.) And not that I have ever struggled with sleep other than a few night panics, but I started sleeping like a dream

I am writing this to those of you that are looking for someone to save you, or those of you that are struggling and you want a way to restore yourself but don’t know where to start. Those of you that are in that breakthrough period that need that push. Its more than just an adjustment, because years later when you look back, you’ll realise it was an entire paradigm shift and it’s changed your WHOLE life!


If anyone is interested in finding out ways to incorporate chiropractic principles in to their own lives outside of practice and as a self care measure, I also wrote a post last year on the vagus nerve and its crucial role in our lives. A lot of chiropractic functions also understand and incorporate this so this post has a lot of ways you can stimulate this yourself eg: gargling, humming, body tapping, sound healing and massage.


Hope you enjoyed this post and found it informative and love to you all


THE UNIVERSE – The one verse. Ah, how we have all sang to the ONE TUNE recently haven’t we. And what we have come to realise with the monotone, singular tune we sing whilst walking together down the narrow single path is that actually, the one way approach does not work, because we are all so different. How then, in a UNIverse can we all be so different yet so the same?

Well, its simple really. The universe is itself the only verse. Our only home under this firmament above and the firmament below that hosts us here within in. It is the UNIverse but we are all plentiful magnitudes of the elements within the universe that work together to create the very universe we live in in the wonderous state we experience it to be. The sky, air, the sea, water, the earth, earth and fire, the spark that ignites all of the above and warms the below. The 4 elements, the 4 seasons, the 4 quarters of our clock that determine our cycles and how each element flows in to each other and provides us the functions and experiences and inevitable outcomes that we witness here within the UNIverse. So the universe is the ONE / UNI that holds all of the elements and energies within it but now we know that according to these energies, a one path, one way, one dimensional approach and rule to our multi-dimensional existence is not a sustainable or worthy following because there are many elements at work and many possible routes and outcomes to experience along our journey that it limits us and disempowers us from learning and finding out more.

Take for instance, healthcare. My favourite topic of late. Our current medical system is a one way system. It offers the same one service, treatment and approach for every single human being that uses it. You have heart disease, take this pill, you have cancer, take this treatment. The outcome for each patient will inevitably vary but the treatment itself is the same offering from one patient to another. They might alter dosages based on age, weight, stage of illness etc but the one treatment is still the only one treatment without much variety or consideration for the fact that we are all so different and therefore so too must be our approach to what can be offered.

Jung was a medical doctor before he was a psychologist and he very much favoured the Greek 4 humors approach to healing. The focus being on the word healing which is also another huge difference between these approaches as our current medical system offers nothing at all to do with healing modalities, it only focuses on modern western treatments which often itself requires a good deal of healing from. The 4 bodily humors were based on the Shakespearean cosmology, inherited from the ancient Greek philosophers Aristotle, Hippocrates, and Galen and organized around the four elements of earth, water, air, and fire; the four qualities of cold, hot, moist, and dry; and the four humors, these physical qualities determined the behaviour of all created things including the human body, mind and spirit. It is I suppose the European equivalent of the traditional Chinese medicine protocols and the ayurvedic approaches of doshas but it works very well in the natural cyclical workings of the universal principles. The principles that bind us to the elements and qualities of ALL the energies that operate so uniquely and with such fines that one movement out of kilter could throw the whole game off balance. A flood of water, a spark of fire, a drought so strong it kills the earth can have detrimental effects on how we exist here on earth as earthly beings. We are in sync with the operations and cycles of earth and we are ourselves all unique as are the elements. Our charts withhold our elemental strengths and weaknesses and only when we understand them and find a balance within them can we maintain a healthy equilibrium that sees we do not require the need for medical treatment in the first place.

Hippocrates quotes – “If one wishes for good health, one must first ask himself if he is ready to do away with the very reasons for his illness. Only then is it possible to help him’ – meaning that, the very causes of illness themselves must be addresses and then preventative, restorative and balancing principles can be put in to place. Principles that focus on the elementals, the 4 humors:


  • Humor: Black Bile
  • Element: Earth
  • Season: Winter
  • Age: Old Age
  • Qualities: Cold & Dry
  • Organ: Spleen
  • Planet: Saturn


  • Humor: Phlegm
  • Element: Water
  • Season: Autumn
  • Age: Maturity
  • Qualities: Cold & Moist
  • Organ: Brain
  • Planet: Moon


  • Humor: Yellow Bile
  • Element: Fire
  • Season: Summer
  • Age: Childhood
  • Qualities: Hot & Dry
  • Organ: Gall Bladder
  • Planet: Mars


  • Humor: Blood
  • Element: Air
  • Season: Spring
  • Age: Adolescence
  • Qualities: Hot & Moist
  • Organ: Heart
  • Planet: Jupiter

Our own individual, unique cosmological foundations for a healthy mind, body and spirit lay in the understanding of ourselves as operational universal beings. We all hold unique skill sets and abilities. Someones strength could be in the mind, anothers in feelings, intuition or direct sensation. Jung understood these findings of the 4 humors and connected to the elements how they are interpersonal to each ones individual powers. Someone of air element will be a thinker or the mind, able to connect mental aspects, comparative data and thoughts and like a switch board be able to apply them in to our conscious internal and external surroundings. Someone of water element will be of a more feeling quality, able to work on an emotional bias which can be developed, analysed and sent out in to the world through many channels, such as arts, music, writing, communication, teaching, counselling etc. They take the emotional fragments and concepts of the internal and external world and all of us within it and make sense of our emotional constructs and all the things that make us emotional humans. Experience inn motion = emotion. Someone of earth, will be more susceptible to direct sensory perceptions and things relating to hard facts and purpose. Soild concrete constructs built on material premise come from those that are grounded in their understandings and can use earths rooted principles to form basis and reliable founding to further their enhancements on whatever projects they undergo. They make great architects, scientific researchers, geologists, doctors, builders and farmers. And last but not least someone of fire, they light the sparks for projects and ideas. They are the initiators. The instigators, the ones that hold the intuitive resonance of the future in a sense that is aetheric and perceptive and they take those ideas and set them alight and turn them in to something physical. They are the manifestors and the creators that offer solutions and philosophical constructs that give the reason we are here a purpose that allow the other elements to grow and flow on. Understand however, that we are all combinations of different elements and our charts hold a personalised summary of how our elements marry together to best describe how they make us our unique selves. This is precisely why you cannot expect a human being to only follow one suit when there are so many different avenues to chose and alternatives to use that we simply don’t because we have either been prohibited or we don’t even know they exist. Once we expand our minds and our consciousness however, those options appear to us more and out of them grow new ways of living, experiencing and finding greater purpose, and that is what we call evolution.

“I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together” – Opening line from ‘I am the walrus’ by The Beatles. Suggesting that we are all the same, we are all one BUT we are all unique first. We are one in the one universe but we come with our own set of elements, skills, mindsets, game plans, strengths and weaknesses. Fine tuning these things requires us to understand the cosmological workings of the universe and our own place within it. Charting is easy enough to do. It’s straight forward to a ‘degree’ (literally) and then with those degrees of varying elements you form a bigger picture of the YOU in the UNI and with that understanding you can become a magical cog in the wheel. You can become so empowered and fine tuned within the frequencies and unfoldings of the universe that you will never need to use the illusory systems of sickcare for you will never need it. You will have conquered the very thing Hippocrates was here to teach us and that is to do away with the very things that cause us illness in the first place. To break away from the system and be sovereign to yourself

The one most important thing you can do for yourself right now in this day and age, is to understand the workings of the universe and how to make things work according to your place within it. It’s a change of perspective. It’s a shift in understanding of why we’re here and start to do things differently so that we can make progress and really begin to evolve. On December 21st  2020, we had the grand conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter at 0 degree Aquarius. Marking a new beginning as we make our way in to the age of Aquarius, an entirely new age (There is work to be done first). How the world has been for so long now has created so much imbalance and sickness it has affected us all. The earth as we see now is going through chaos. We’re told its all our fault. To a degree it of course is but not because we’ve harmed her through damage and destruction but through ignorance. We’ve been walking through life asleep and our level of conscious awareness towards many things has been dimmed down and diminished. We gave our power away. We were oblivious to our own innate internal powers given to us by God, creator, universe, that we stopped questioning. We stopped being in control and let the system control us. We got sick so we did as they said and got their treatment. We worked to pay for the very system that broke us in the first place and only now are we circling back to the knowledge that our ancestors shared with us way back when people understood the workings of nature and were connected to it rather than disconnected as we are right now. I think the fear of considering that mother earth is in danger is enough to plant the seed in most of us that there is something that needs to be done here. A change, a shift in order to move away from the old ways that no longer serve us. The one dimensional one sided offerings that have been all we’ve ever known are now breaking away and people are slowly coming back to their intuitive knowing and connection to nature and are starting to look up to the cosmos and ask bigger questions. It sometimes takes that fall into chaos, that hitting of rock bottom to realise you have to have a breakdown in order to break through. This is where we are right now. Total wipeout. The final call. Armageddon. We are finally starting to evolve. But evolution is slow. It takes time. We need to be gentle and patient with the changes but rest assured they’re coming.

I can’t remember who said it so if anyone reading this remembers, in late 2020, someone claimed that the Western woman will be the one to bring back the Eastern principles and flip the script to bring back the times where natural healing modalities were our main focus. I remember hearing this and I could not have agreed more. Considering the grand rise of feminine energies and the great collapse of western structures no longer serving us, it is up to us to rebuild our systems and give power back to the people with systems that work and do so honestly.

The world is changing. The universe is in control. Intuition becomes the leader of our minds and our hearts take centre stage as we move in to an air based construct that literally blows us all our of the water! I hope you can swim….Love to all x




The importance of remembering the classics – Last week, at a family dinner, we got to discussing the importance of ‘circling back’ through our historical past in order to move forwards. There were comments such as, the past is the past, it should get left there, some things are too painful to remember, the future is forward thinking not backward thinking etc etc

Today is 04/12/21 and it is a new moon in Sagittarius and a solar eclipse, 2 weeks and 1 day post a very heavy and intense lunar eclipse in Taurus. Now, if you understand about the purposes of eclipses, you will know that they conjure up cyclical events in the past and rise them to the surface in order to see the past, acknowledge it and send it to the underworld in order to birth a new cycle. Right now, these 2 eclipses are pretty monumental given the other astrological transits that we are experiencing in our cosmos that are literally shedding our entire old systems in order to bring about a whole new story in the planetary and human evolutionary cycle. I don’t think people realise how enormous this is! Think of it in terms of epochs of time, ages and cycles, rise and falls of empires have long been a part of our history and are symbolic and significant in how we have grown culturally, ethically, socially and so on through the powers and understandings of our past Gods and their historical legacies.

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; William Shakespeare’s sonnet from ‘As you like it’ describes us as the actors of seven ages. We have experienced many epochs so far, each approximately lasting 24,000 years, I cosmic day, just like the clock, striking 12, starts another cycle or day. Each realm / epoch has its creation of root races. Where do the root races originate from? Many say that humans have the exact biomakeup as stars. The human body is made up of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen (the main 4) and then below that is calcium and phosphorous followed by 10+ other elements and space minerals that make us exact ‘carbon copies’ of the universe. As above, so below.

In Greek mythology, the Gods fell from the sky. They became human embodiments of the star Gods and Godesses post battle in the cosmos. Their legacies becoming a part of our historic legacy here in human form having originated above. As stated in the Bible book of genesis, “And God said, let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years: 15 And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so.” (KJV) – Now, whatever your believe in the one God / multi God theories, that’s up to you but, the stars tell their story and their history has been documented and guarded for years. Hidden for the most part, some lost in physical form, some lost in translation but nonetheless its here and its OUR History.

As said, we are currently about to move from one epoch in to another. Why is this a big deal? 24000 years of one cycle ending and marking the beginning of a new cycle, a new age, is a really big deal. Our current systems, structures, beliefs etc all coming to a close and what will come can only depend on 2 things. Our History and God. Again, your interpretation of those 2 things is up to you. That’s the beauty of this game we can life, we all get to chose what it looks like for each of us and how we chose to navigate it as we are all blessedly unique. If you understand the cosmic transits, you will know that at the precise moment of your birth, the planets and stars were aligned in a specific way to make you the unique being that you are. Astrologically, you are made up of various star transit energies. Mine for instance is Sagittarius sun, Aries moon with my ascending ruler inn Scorpio. My signature sign however is Virgo. You can trace your chart and examine it yourself but for each interpretation will lead you to understand your own personal journey here on earth and what your star paths have in line for you. With mine, no surprises, I am a very hot headed, magnetically hearted being, primarily focused on philosophy, psychology and the experience. With Scorpio I am also very intuitive and my Virgo leads me towards a path of health and healing. We ALL have our unique signature. It’s all there to be discovered!

So, I currently live in Cyprus. The journey that lead us to be here is itself a strange and unique one. One that came out of nowhere and with no warning but here we are. As a 14 yr old I was highly uninterested in mainstream school subjects and much to my parents frustration I made little effort in the mundane subjects and following of rules etc. I loved art and music and I would get involved with sports and extra curricular events but mainstream stuff just numbed my mind. For one term and one term only however, we had a class on classics and mythology. Wow how my eyes lit up and my brain switched on…But then puff…Lessons stop! But those lessons stuck with me and 20 years later, I can still remember the teachings of the gods and goddesses, the cosmos and the energies of the classical empires. They set my heart on fire! So to find out that not only the country I now live in but the very town itself is the birth place of Aphrodite is like magic to my heart. How we came to be here so absolutely unusual and spontaneous but I feel now like my journey to this moment in my life was me auditioning for a role I didn’t even know I was about to play. The stage being set for something I didn’t even know was coming. As Shakespeare said, we are the players on the stage and more times than not, the universe has its plans for us without us even realising consciously what they are. Again, the stars leading us and unfolding destiny right in front of our very eyes, revealing magic, powers and potentials we never knew we had!

ON THE NATURE OF THINGS – LUCRETIUS, is possibly one of the most influential books about our classical, historical path. It helped spark the movement of the cultural revolution that we know as THE RENAISSANCE, its goal was to teach people to think for themselves, to leave shame, guilt and fear behind and that in order to conquer our fears, we 1st need to learn and accept that we and all things are transitory and to enjoy the simple pleasures that life offers us in the moment. The embodiment of Aphrodite began to manifest itself everywhere during the Renaissance period and the energies of self empowerment took centre stage and people began to look to the natural world for answers rather than blindly following the dictates of political and religious institutions. Now isn’t that interesting that so much of the energies of that period are also influencing us right now! Here in Cyprus, the morning star, venus, Lucifer shines brightly every day, the light barer, known as the false light in the holy texts and interpreted to now mean Satan by modern standards, but could that just have been a coincidental interpretation written in to the play but those looking to start their own empire at the turn of an age?

The age of enlightenment was what birthed the modern world and all things we know today. Our current era has never been more manipulated by dark, satanic energies and forces of false light. The book of Isaiah 8th century BC states ‘How are thou fallen from heaven, Oh Lucifer, son of the morning, how art thou cut down to the ground’. This reference is made to the King of Babylon, not to the figure of Satan. The 8 pointed star that symbolises the planet venus has long been a symbol of honour to those in positions of high power. It was at the time of the decline of the Roman empire that Christian scholars began to interpret the word Lucifer as an alternate title for Satan. A convenient twist in translation and an easy way to demonise the Babylonian king along with various gods and goddesses, and as the age of enlightenment started and polytheistic religions fell away and Christianity took over, the light of Aphrodite, Venus, Lucifer dimmed. As the dark ages commenced, so much of our classical past was lost or destroyed along with our faith and intuitive understanding of these cosmic symbols of our ancestral past. Ah, but at the birth of a new age, and I write this on the day of the New Moon eclipse, we cast out the old and birth a new, and with it we re-birth all of the powers and understandings of our mythical past and sovereign energies of the Renaissance period as they make their way back in to the western world, bringing with them a love of philosophy, beauty and the desires to look up to the stars for direction and guidance instead of the crumbling path presented to us by our leaders that have twisted our fate and kept us hidden in the dark.

You see now the importance of understanding our Historical past. How without knowing the truth about our past and how it has led us to the very now, we cannot move forwards in to our evolutionary journey and inevitable future. Coincidentally, Lucifer means ‘the light bearer’ representing Venus, and Venus in Greek translates to PHOSPHOROUS. Phosphorous being the 6th most abundant element that makes up the human body.

The birth of new beginnings is now! Let the light shine upon them