Courses for kids

How magical are our kids? I mean, it is ALL about them! They are the future generation and the ones that are truly going to lead the way forward and change the dynamic but we are not quite there yet and as independent and incredibly autonomous as this generation is, they still need nurturing. Mainstream School offers one standard curriculum and one that is proving to be outdated and limited in terms of what more it can offer. Here, we are reaching out to teachers and education facilitators on various subjects that are perhaps more ‘outside of the box’ than your average run of the mill school topics.

As many of us have tackled the adventures of home schooling from 2020 to date, we have become more familiar with the topics our children are faced with on a daily basis and where some kids have missed out or lost interest in the home learning system, we are hoping to offer some really exciting content that may be ignite a deeper interest and enthusiasm into their learning journeys.

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