11:11 Remembrance – Remembering you

Today, many souls on Earth will awaken. It is November 11 2020 and a portal of light and cognizance will open and pour down on us to help us to remember our soul, our true self and shine a light on what has been hidden from us for many years. It is a deeper level of understanding in our human consciousness journey and a higher level of going within self in order to awaken a new age that we are currently all as a collective, birthing as we speak. What I really mean, is that we are all consciously part of the next stage of human evolution. We might not have known it not so long ago, but very soon, we are all going to know, and that knowing might not come in the form of cold, hard facts presented in legal documents as we have been so used to believing that all things fact should be presented. No, this time, we are talking about facts being presented via intuition. A feeling. Is that credible? Yes, absolutely.

For many years now, if not all the years that I can remember, I have walked through life with a knowing. The famous Peggy Lee song ‘Is that all there is?’, the sensing there should be more to life. Is this it? Turns out, no. There’s far more to life, and we’re all about to fine out. I guess you might be reading this wondering, well how and why? It’s hard to explain and I certainly don’t have all the ‘facts’ but, I know.

Back in early 2018, my stepfather died. He had a short struggle with pancreatic cancer that took him from us and the journey of his ending did something to me. Something quite profound …But prior to knowing he was ill, in fact I would say, since my kids were born so 2010 to very recently, I have suffered with terrible health related anxiety and wide spread pains that I now understand the cause of to have been nothing more than ‘release symptoms’, ascension symptoms if you like in the birthing of a new Earth and a new age. Crazy as that may sound, it is happening to all of us and has been happening since 2012 ish onwards. Anyway, more on that in a minute.. I digress, the feelings of panic about dying were so constant and so intense and all of these feelings of pain and exhaustion I experienced led me to believe I truly was dying so when it came time for my stepfather to actually pass, I really went deep into that experience and spent a lot of time exploring the feelings of it. The mans fierceness for life was huge. He was the energy of every party and gathering. He was a massive presence in a very vibrant and hilarious way that his departure bought quite a stunning silence and I think the pain was mostly because out of all of us, he was the one that loved life the most and now was gone. Gone where? What is he doing now? And all the after questions come pouring in and you start to do a lot of deep thinking about a lot of stuff. This paved the way for my mission in late 2018 that I completed in May this year 2020 and it was the final degree modules for my open degree which I had started in languages and now strangely felt the calling was to complete with a series of philosophy modules. Why? Who knows. I suppose I was triggered to asking questions to life’s big conundrums and finding answers, ultimately the truth. The truth of humanity and what it all means, and all the rest that comes with that.

So that’s just what I did. My stepfather awoke a beast in me that wouldn’t sleep and the deeper and further i journeyed on this quest, the more revalations unfolded right in front of me, and one of them is, that we do not die and with that, my fear of dying completely and utterly vanished, like a parting smoke from the top of my crown that trailed off towards the central sun and as yet, it hasn’t shown its face to me again. What do I mean by this? It’s quite a statement to say we never die.

As human beings, we are spiritual beings living out a physical human experience, not the other way around. So we are physically made up of energy matter. What happens when we ‘die’ is simply that our energy changes shape and form but WE are still the I AM that we always were. The same that we have lived a thousand lives before the one we’re living right now and our soul is the I AM that changes as it moves along life’s evolutionary path. Kind of life a player in a video game, you become a new avatar that gets to select your own mission before your next assignment and while you’re sat in the spirit house awaiting your next identity, you are re-united with all the souls you knew before all also awaiting their next mission. The mission, should you chose to accept it, is already known to you before you are birthed in to it so really, we all know about the life we are living. We signed up for it but, what we may not know, is about the timeline based on human collective consciousness and where it will steer us based on the consciousness of that timeline, which, in effect is determined by collective emotions (energies in motion) and the reason I have found it so important right now to come on and share my feelings, opinions and understandings to all and anyone who might be interested in reading this is because, if we are a collective bundle of energies in motion that determine the frequency we ultimately live on on our collective human experience playing field, then I must share this information as if it helps trigger anyone towards receiving the light and choosing to live on a higher frequency path then that is all I can do and that is good enough for me. I will know I have played my part.

Let’s go back to 2012. This year was a game changer for me. For a girl that grew up in Barcelona during my 20’s it became very common place to me that drinking if not a bottle of wine after work or any event at least a good few glasses was a normal, every day thing to do. If I had a headache I would go to town on the pain meds and I smoked like a chimney from the moment my eyes opened until my head hit the pillow. On weekends i joined in with the odd recreational cocaine party, barely exercised, hadn’t heard of yoga, took taxis everywhere over choosing to walk and only drank water when i was literally dying of thirst. The only low vibratonal thing I have never really done was eat meat as this is something I have never chosen to accept during any part of my life really. The odd piece of chicken here or there but not anything meal based. Not my thing. This was all normal. This was how people my age lived life. I couldn’t comprehend a life that didn’t play out like this. Then when I was 29, in 2009 my eldest daughter was born. I couldn’t have smoked during that pregnancy if I had wanted to. I was so repulsed by the smell alone it would have made me truly ill. I didn’t drink, that part wasn’t so hard however, I did pick back up on my wine again after her birth although there was a difference. I couldn’t do it quite like before. Then in 2012, I realized I couldn’t do it at all. Even a small glass would make me feel blindly ill. The intolerance was unreal and made it hard to join in with social events like I used to and I started to become that friend who’s wild ways were being replaced with a practical, sensible overtone and the need for any use of meds was replaced with the use of essential oils and supplements, of which, I had started obsessively studying their uses and historical compounds. This understanding started to fundamentally change the very person I was, although not really as like I say, there was a knowing, and that person had always been there. I was just becoming awakened.

So why 2012? This is when the light took over. There is a light alliance that works above us and around us that helps to guide humanity down its evolutionary path. It consists of various multidimensional beings, ascended masters, angels and many other forms of light workers that can energetically assist however they can and by what ever means they use. I have not ‘met’ these beings however, since June 2020, I know that they are there because I receive information downloaded during meditation, sleep and sometimes just pop ups through my day that provide me with insight. This is something that in fairness I now know I have always had, you probably have too but the snooze button was pressed or the sound was turned down and I never realized until recently that now there has been an atunement and this frequency is now loud and clear that when I receive them that I can not deny their presence. Anyway, back to the light….There is a grid system placed on earth that for thousands of years we have held our collective frequency based upon this energy grid. That grid for the lifetimes we have been used to living during this epoch of time and that we are about to step out of at the end of 2020 has been held under a 3d energy construct. In 2012, this grid started being replaced by a 5d energy construct that has been implemented by various light workers and beings as mentioned above and due to the increase of light frequency, our consciousness started to evolve into the next stage of where we are moving in our human evolutionary journey. Nothing can stop this. It is not decided by our political leaders or anyone in an official position of power as we know it to be on earth. It is the greater design that the master, source, decided. Nothing can stop what’s coming.

So what do we do? We prepare. From 2012, I have unknowingly started to raise my consciousness and frequency and have tuned in to a different way of living life based on what is being decided by source and what we are deciding as a collective consciousness. It will happen when it happens but we all, ALL, must awaken, which is why for me, 2012 was prevalent and 2020 also as this year was my BIG awakening year to actually SEE and realize what it has all been about and where we are heading. We prepare by cleansing our bodies from low frequency density. Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, heavy metals, poor food, poor sleep, poor behavior and attitude and we energies our bodies with better plant based food, clean water, (lots of water), supplements, essential oils, meditation, good sleep, walks in nature, yoga, intentional prayer, spending time with animals and children, feeling and giving love. This is what raises our frequency and helps us to become more of a light body and how we will be able to move into the next dimension. By the end of 2020, there will be such a mass awakened population, that we will have raised the collective consciousness so much there will be no going back. From 2021 onwards, there will be a number of years, I believe until 2025 for everyone moving into 5d frequency to have assigned themselves to that frequency and be ready. Those not ready or that chose against the change, will get reset. PLAGAMO

If I have kept your attention up until this point, I might like to point out right now, that if I was reading this being the me from 2 years ago, I wouldn’t really understand what is being said. I may have dismissed it or thought, Ok, cool but it may not have resonated as much as it does to me right now. That’s fine. We are all at different stages of our awakening journey and the info can and will only really sink in once your mind, body, spirit and emotions have all sort of come to a point and connected to say ‘AHA’ and then it may make sense. So if it does but doesn’t at the same time, that’s ok, but it may help you at a later stage or it may trigger something now to assist your awakening. By awakening, what I really mean by that is simply nothing more than coming back to your senses. It’s certainly nothing egotistical or being better than somebody else. Not at all, just heightened senses and a conscious approach to living. Its funny, this coronavirus thing. The symptoms of coronavirus are very similar to the symptoms of ascension. Many have reported a loss of taste. Again, if I were to drink alcohol now, I would be ill. If I eat a chocolate bar, I can taste nothing but artificial sugar overload. My senses have shifted so extremely over the last few years but particularly this year 2020. Weight loss. Many people reporting that they have lost weight this year. Many people reporting that they have suffered with bouts of extreme exhaustion, lethargy, migraine headaches, stomach upsets, dizziness, tingling, body aches and pains. Again, all of these ailments were what I used to think I was dying from way back in 2012 and hey, I’m still here and furthermore after hundreds of doctors visits only to be told I am not dying, I am perfectly healthy, I have lost all worry, panic and bother about them because I know, they are release symptoms and clearing old energy to make way for the new. Releasing our carbon physical bodies for a crystalline upgrade. This upgrade is painful, but we chose to be here! We are bringing in the new Earth! On that and slightly off topic but, for those of us in the UK, (and elsewhere but they were a band here in the 90’s) last week, we were in the car driving home from somewhere and E17 were playing that song, ‘It’s alright’..and we’re singing along (Not my choice of music FYI I am more of a jazz, soul girl) but the radio pumps out top 10 hits to program you as they do and then wow, you wonder, it’s all hidden in plain sight! I said to my husband, you’re singing along but have you ever actually listened to the lyrics. A simple, catchy, kind of crappy whatever pop song from the 90’s had all the answers. So for those with eyes to see and ears to hear, these are the lyrics I am talking about:

Don’t you worry ’cause it’s alright
Don’t you worry, child of the night
‘Cause in the morning
Come with the new day sun
Love, an everlasting light

We are the seed of the new breed
We’ll succeed our time has come
We are the new, these words are true
Let the light of love shine through

So today, 11:11:20. The day of remembrance. We have been told year after year to remember. Remembrance Sunday, poppy day, November 5th leading up to the great day of remembrance on the 11:11 portal to remember, remember. We all thought it was all about some plot to take down the houses of parliament and to remember the soldiers of the wars. Sure, as timelines suggest they may be on a ‘back to the future’ mission with these stories but, the portal of light consciousness for this year 2020 is to awaken the masses. And once we are, there is no going back! We truly are the seed of a new breed and our time has come! As I have said, where we are going is a state of higher consciousness. My stepfather left this lifetime and his parting gift was giving me the courage to start to put together the pieces so that I now have eyes to see that it really is all about love and there really is nothing to worry about! I truly believe we all want the same things. We all just have our own trauma to process and our own inner work to heal but, if we all switched our light on and said, YES TO LOVE…… WE WIN!


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